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Mother's Day in Absentia

The Village Podcast from The Bookshelf

Release Date: 05/07/2020

Love Unequivocally show art Love Unequivocally

The Village Podcast from The Bookshelf

Candice goes on much too long about how much the hot weather gets her down, while Steph reflects on how young people take care of each other in the hot weather and how we don't love enough. Books by Leanna Renee Hieber and Andrea Janes  by Julie S. Lalonde by Remica Bingham Risher  by Stephen King   by Henry Grabar ,  by Jason Guriel  by Danny Caine  edited by Rebecca Solnit  Movies Dirty Dancing La Bamba Young Guns II Family Ties The Suite Life of Zack and Cody Links Podcast    Timestamps 00:00 Welcome and catch up 13:30 Steph’s...

The politics of living show art The politics of living

The Village Podcast from The Bookshelf

How do you deal with being too busy - Steph and Candice reflect on the last month’s busy-ness and how they coped. Books by Stephen King by Bonnie Garmus Movies Inside Out as a touchstone for mental wellness - Movie clip showing class divide in the movie (curse words included) - Deleted dance scene as teased in the closing credits  - Trailer  (curse words included) TV Shows Picard Season 3 - Candice hates it - sorry fans, Star Trek and Star Wars stories can be about more than the original main characters! Timestamps 00:00 Introduction 01:00 On finding time for...

Can We Ever Really Know Anything? show art Can We Ever Really Know Anything?

The Village Podcast from The Bookshelf

Steph and Candice start with a regional conversation about moving around neighbourhoods, but end up bringing it to the esoteric about self and relationships. They also talk memoirs and horror, more Stephen King, AI, and somehow even Hallmark movies. Books by Osman Yousefzada   by Remica Bingham-Risher   edited by Joe Vallese  by Jeanette Winterson  by Stephen King  by Victoria Hetherington  Movies - Hallmark Channel  - scene of child creating emotional bond with an AI doll - CW terrifying AI, Parent Death Timestamps 3:00 Catch up with Steph’s move...

Women Deserve Oscars too show art Women Deserve Oscars too

The Village Podcast from The Bookshelf

Steph and Candice did not watch a movie together this month, but still had lots to catch up on, including the upcoming Oscar Awards, the new Grady Hendrix novel, and the many stories by and about women that they are reading or planning to read this month to celebrate Women's History Month. Books  &  &  by Grady Hendrix  by Stephen King by Andromeda Romano-Lax   by Remica Bingham-Risher by Anais Granofsky  by Rebecca Solnit   by Anne Rice Movies Elvis Women Talking The Fablemans Top Gun Maverick Everything Everywhere All At Once Fast and the Furious...

It's not all movies... but it's a lot of movies! show art It's not all movies... but it's a lot of movies!

The Village Podcast from The Bookshelf

Steph recommits herself to skiing, and Candice recommits herself to reading Stephen King novels. And they both get their 3 Laws of Robotics wrong, sorry Isaac Asimov! Books by Stephen King by Rainbow Rowell by Kassandra Montag by Alex DiFrancesco Movies   California Split - short film , , , , , , ,   Links Some Stephen King podcasts - , , (a Guelph based podcast!) Timestamps 00:00 Intro and Stephs skiing adventures 05:00 Candice's Stephen King update 14:00 A quick Star Trek: Discovery side bar conversation 16:15 Thoughts on the film Corsage 21:27 Candice and Steph's M3gan...

This is Our Year (along with all the others) show art This is Our Year (along with all the others)

The Village Podcast from The Bookshelf

Welcome to 2023! Steph and Candice round up a few of their hopes for the new year and what they will be focusing on. Not resolutions per say, but plans. Tell us your reading or non-reading resolutions for this year by sending us an email at . Books by Meik Wiking , , , & by Stephen King by Susanna Clarke by Neil Gaiman & both by Chuck Wendig by Joanna Kavenna Movies   Links Daily Planner Daily Planner Follow Candice on and Timestamps 00:00 Introduction 02:00 Getting out to see more movies 13:00 The Menu review 23:00 Plans and planners for the new year 33:00 Reading self help...

We Only Have Now show art We Only Have Now

The Village Podcast from The Bookshelf

December took us by surprise. It snuck up so fast both Candice and Steph feel like they missed November. But with the long nights and darker days, everything is getting a bit more gothic and introspective. Books by Zeba Blay by Oliver Burkeman   by Rachel Cohn and David Levithan   by David Sedaris  by Sarah Smarsh by Alice Walker  by Robertson Davies  by Sheree Renee Thomas, Oghenechovwe Donald Ekpeki, and Zelda Knight - Movies Movies and TV by Grady Hendrix on Prime  - Youtube Trailer by Christopher Pike and Mike Flanagan - Youtube Trailer Links...

Books, books, and more books (someone has a problem!) show art Books, books, and more books (someone has a problem!)

The Village Podcast from The Bookshelf

It's an oversized episode all about the books we bought, were gifted, or otherwise acquired this month Books by Stephen King by Douglas Cowan by Marie Helene Poitras by Chelsea Wakelyn by Camille Hernandez-Ramdwar by Kelly Robson by Neil Pasricha by Meik Wiking by Carmen Spagnola by Jane Jacobs by Neil Craton M.D. by Nora Ephron by Ellen Raskin Movies series of films - Youtube Trailer Divided opinions on (Youtube Trailer) and (special effect in question) - Youtube Trailer **CW: deals with suicide and depression - Youtube Trailer - Youtube Trailer - Youtube Trailer...

'Tis the season for scares and eating show art 'Tis the season for scares and eating

The Village Podcast from The Bookshelf

It's someone's favourite month and it's probably because of Halloween, or maybe Thanksgiving, or maybe just the cooler days and earlier nights. To celebrate The Bookshelf is hosting a bunch of events about just those things. Steph and Candice catch up on all the scary stories they are reading and all the food they wish they could cook in this month's episode. Events - Carrie and The Forbidden Body with author Douglas Cowan October 26th - Film viewing and Author Interview with Nina Nesseth - Author talk and cookbook samples with Emily Richards Books by Douglas Cowan by Nina Nesseth by...

What We Learned in Summer 2022 show art What We Learned in Summer 2022

The Village Podcast from The Bookshelf

Welcome back to The Village. Steph and Candice do some book reviews from the summer of 2022 while also talking music, algorithms, and what we learned this summer Books by Francine Pascal (Apple iBooks Store link) by Rebecca Solnit ( by Solnit) by Oliver Burkeman  by Joanna Kavenna by Elaine Abdelmahmoud by Robyn Maynard and Leanne Betasamosake Simpson by Rollie Pemberton Movies Official Trailer Links Timestamps 0:00 - 2:00 Welcome 2:00 - 8:00 School’s back! Recollections of school time with Steph and Candice 8:00 - 12:25  Memory keeping and digital storage 12:25 - 21:00...

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It will be a Mother's Day weekend to remember, and it's not because of the snow predicted to land in Southern Ontario over the weekend!

You can't take your mom out for dinner or to see a movie this year, but you can treat your mom to puzzles, games, books, and wine! Or a Psycho movie marathon if you've got that type of mom (Candice does!)


Misery by Stephen King

The Southern Book Club's Guide to Slaying Vampires by Grady Hendrix

We Sold Our Souls by Grady Hendrix

My Best Friend's Exorcism by Grady Hendrix

Dead Blondes and Bad Mothers by Sady Doyle

Bad Feminist by Roxanne Gay

Luminous Dead by Caitlin Starling

The Wall Will Tell You: The Forensics of Screenwriting by Hampton Fancher

Camp Murderface by Josh Berk and Saundra Mitchell

The Mutant Mushroom Takeover by Summer Rachel Short

Clan by Sigmund Brouwer


Maniac - 70s serial killer exploitation film

American Psycho directed by Mary Harron as a satire!

The Booksellers streaming from the Cinema in partnership with Blue Ice Docs

This Is Not A Movie streaming from the Cinema in partnership with Blue Ice Docs

Kedi streaming from the Cinema in partnership with Blue Ice Docs

Jerry Maguire - Steph's favourite buddy film?

The Object of My Affection - Candice favourite film to press stop at 5 minutes before the end.


Candice's episode of End Credits Radio covering Grady Hendrix written horror comedy film, Satanic Panic

My Favourite Murder Podcast 

Bookshelf Cinema's streaming movies

Bookshelf delivers wine with books! 

The Dana Buckler Show Terminator retrospectives


01:00 Mother's Day ideas and plans

07:10 How does the book look?

08:00 - 08:10 Special guest makes an appearance!

09:38 Check in on Candice's reading

11:00 We go deep on Grady Hendrix

13:15 Chatting women's obsession with true crime and horror

18:30 The villain in horror films aren't meant to be redeemed

22:20 Bookshelf Cinema brings you streaming films!

31:30 Steph's reading update

34:00 Practice exploring what wasn't in the story - basically Fan Fic

38:00 Send your best alternate parts of a story to Steph at [email protected]

39:45 Kids books Steph has been reading with her kids


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