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410 Ross's Epic 2020 PT.1

Working Class Bowhunter

Release Date: 11/25/2020

425 Chase Nation show art 425 Chase Nation

Working Class Bowhunter

Sam Ubl and Travis Kissel from Chase Nation join us in the studio this week! We cover everything from what Chase Nation is, upcoming series, and have a closing call in with Mark Drury! Enjoy!

424 Jordan Gensmer show art 424 Jordan Gensmer

Working Class Bowhunter

Our great friend Jordan Gensmer was down from Wisconsin to hunt some late-season Illinois bucks. We jumped on the opportunity to get him on the show and recorded in Austin Chandler's man cave. We talk about Jordan's 3 unique companies, his involvement in the outdoors, and of course b.s. at the bar a little. Enjoy! 

423 Hunting Michigan with Chris Smith show art 423 Hunting Michigan with Chris Smith

Working Class Bowhunter

Our great friend Chris Smith from Michigan joins the show this week. We talk about the good and bad of whitetail hunting in Michigan. Could Michigan be one of the top big buck states if season dates and deer management practices were different? Who knows, but there's going to be some opinions coming out about this episode. Enjoy!

422 Timothy Stancliff show art 422 Timothy Stancliff

Working Class Bowhunter

Our great friend Timothy Stancliff from Pennslyvania joins us on the show this week! 

421 The Wives Take Over show art 421 The Wives Take Over

Working Class Bowhunter

This week we let the ladies completely take over the show! Possibly a terrible idea? Either way, it was a great time. If you're ever going to make your significant other to listen to the show, this is the one!  From the challenges of being gone for hunting, the lifestyle, frustrations, and even positives. The ladies try to cover it all in this one. Enjoy! 

420 Tommy Tomahawk - Cole Young show art 420 Tommy Tomahawk - Cole Young

Working Class Bowhunter

Imagine getting permission on a new property, putting in as much habitat work as you can, and then getting a picture of a high 190s buck. Limited time off from work and time away from family only adds to the anxiety to be successful on a giant whitetail. Cole seems to manage just fine! Enjoy! 

419 Rachael Buschak show art 419 Rachael Buschak

Working Class Bowhunter

Rachael Buschak joins us this week on the show! We talk about what it's like to grow up in PA hunting, the common PA struggles, and venturing off to new states on bowhunting adventures! Enjoy! 

418 Mule Deer And Late Season Whitetails - Clint Casper show art 418 Mule Deer And Late Season Whitetails - Clint Casper

Working Class Bowhunter

Clint Casper is back!! Talking Utah mule deer, late-season whitetails, and answers some listener questions! Enjoy!

417 Nebraska Deer And Game Expo show art 417 Nebraska Deer And Game Expo

Working Class Bowhunter

Chris from the Nebraska Deer & Game Expo joins us to tell us all about the show for 2021! We were glad to have him on to promote the show and hopefully help the small business vendors and give everyone hope for a normal feel again in the hunting community. We hope to see you there in Lincoln, NE January 15-17 2021.

416 Todd Anderson's Dream Season! show art 416 Todd Anderson's Dream Season!

Working Class Bowhunter

Todd Anderson joins the show this week! Hard work paid off this year for Todd! We talk about chasing mule deer in Colorado, managing for giant whitetails, and his hunts on his 180" and 198" Illinois bucks! Enjoy! 

More Episodes

Ross Bigger is in-studio to tell us the story of his South Dakota mule deer hunt and the kick-off to his successful 2020 deer season! Enjoy!

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