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CPO Michelle Anastasi, Pros & Cons of Long Tenure at Same Company

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Release Date: 01/28/2020

Community Service by Applying CFO skills to City Council Appointment show art Community Service by Applying CFO skills to City Council Appointment

CXO Conversations

As was wrapping up being CFO of , after a Accel KKR transaction to Terminus Capital Partners, he was asked to complete the final year of a City Council seat, provided he would not run for reelection. Tyson readily agreed - he wanted to give back to his community.  Tyson shares his thoughts on: How serving as a Company Executive helps him be a good public servant Corporate kills and experiences that he is able to utilize as a City Council member Shared thoughts to those who are interested in serving their community David served as COO/CFO for Delta Data until a change of control...

Leading an iconic brand through a global transformation show art Leading an iconic brand through a global transformation

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While a CFO for , led the iconic brand through a global transformation from print to digital and live events globally.   David shares his thoughts on: Early digital adoption and transformation of a globally respected brand Listening to the client base What he learned and advice offered from the global experience David led the project management of the transformation with consulting selling both internally and externally. He also listened to clients and subscribers as they went from weekly print only to digital and took the brand live with events from Africa, Europe to North...

Creating the President role for yourself at 32 years old show art Creating the President role for yourself at 32 years old

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After Travelers Insurance acquired several companies, as a Director, wrote a transition memo and proposed he lead the initiative.  His superiors countered by promoting him to President, relocating him to California and told him to run the whole thing.  Stephen speaks to: Experience of going from Director to President overnight and how he prepared Overcoming self-doubt by continuously learning and improving As a 32-year-old, leading an older C suite Generation Advice 55-year-old Stephen would give to 32-year-old Stephen Stephen went from Director to President overnight and...

CTO Leadership Skills from Engineering to C Suite show art CTO Leadership Skills from Engineering to C Suite

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has served as a CTO for numerous technology companies in France and the US.  He speaks to the differences in managing technical vs non technical staff and aligning to their motivations.  Frederic talks to: Differences in leading technical and non-technical professionals Role of the CTO on the executive leadership team Advice to those who seek the C suite.  For the last seven years, Frederic has served as the CTO for and held the CTO chair at 3 other companies after serving as a Project Manager for IBM.  Thank you to for being a sponsor of CXO Conversations...

Entrepreneurial Passion from Big 4 to business owner then CFO show art Entrepreneurial Passion from Big 4 to business owner then CFO

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, CFO for talks to her creativity and passion for embracing challenges as opportunities with an entrepreneurial spirit. During the interview, Kathleen speaks to: ·         Being promoted from VP to CFO ·         Overlooked Roles and responsibility of being a CFO ·         How being a Big 4 consultant helped prepare her for the C Suite Kathleen was a partner track consultant at KPMG when after 13 years,  she decided to become a small business owner. Then Kathleen...

Upcoming guests include CFOs, CTO and CEO show art Upcoming guests include CFOs, CTO and CEO

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CXO Conversations is excited to share some great insights from a global CFO and CTO, curious CFO and CEO who created a President role for himself at age 32.  CFO of Bonfire airs on July 19th, followed by Dashlane CTO , Briotix Health CEO  and former CFO for The Economist, .

The Hallmark of a Great Leader show art The Hallmark of a Great Leader

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An accomplished investor,  is  the Managing partner and co-founder of . Rand has invested in many well-known companies such as Zayo, Cloud Sherpa, LogRhythm, Iterable, Chegg and others. For over 24 years, Rand has been investing and hiring executives for portfolio companies and he’s learned and observed a lot about what makes an executive a great leader and successful. In this episode, Rand discusses: He invests not only dollars, but real relationships with people Advice to current and emerging CEOs What makes a leader successful and how he finds it in candidates After...

Industrial shop floor to tech C suite show art Industrial shop floor to tech C suite

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is a CRO who started his sales career at an industrial supply company and observed what was happening in the technology sector and said - I want in on that. For those who wonder how to make the transition from one sector to another, this is a conversation not to be missed. In this episode, Jay discusses: How he transitioned from the industrial shop floor to a tech company How he demonstrated his skills to overcome lack of Tech experience As a member of the executive committee, how the CRO contributes to company strategy David has held leadership roles at companies such as Amdocs,...

Pushing Boundaries Leads to Executive Growth show art Pushing Boundaries Leads to Executive Growth

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, an Executive Coach and founder of , has gone through the challenge of changing a career path and embracing new opportunities. Carla speaks to the advantages and growth (both personal and professional) of pushing yourself and getting outside of your comfort zone.  Professionals achieve career accomplishments by continuing to push oneself, learning, tackling new projects and improving. That’s how Executives are formed.   Carla talks to; Realizing path one is on isn’t always the right one Pushing your boundaries and trying new things She agrees UDub is the best university-...

VP to CCO: the Move from Tactical to Strategic show art VP to CCO: the Move from Tactical to Strategic

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David Parkhurst is the Chief Customer Officer (CCO) and Managing Partner for Omni Interactions. Additional roles he has served as includes Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) and Chief Growth Officer. David discusses: The differences between CCO, CGO and CRO Moving from VP to C Level and the shift in revenue responsibilities When a deal falls apart at zero hour & lessons learned David has held leadership roles at ServiceSource, Skykes Enterprises and Alpine Access focusing on customer care solutions. This has given David insight into economic cycles and client business...

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Today we’re going to discuss the pros and cons of staying with the same company for an extended period, creating an HR organization from scratch, and the lessons that Michelle Anastasi has learned throughout her career.



Michelle is an outgoing CPO who has worked at CompSych, GiveForward, Dell and ASAP Software. She earned her Business Administration degree from the Indiana University Kelley School of Business and an MBA from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management.





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[1:52] Michael introduces Michelle Anastasi and asks her to share an interesting tidbit about herself — She has had a bear visit her kitchen while she was home!


[4:00] Michelle touches on the roles she embodied and the mentors that guided her during her 16-year stint at the same software company, from the accounting department to building an HR department from scratch.


BUILDING HR FROM THE GROUND UP [6:18] Michelle breaks down how she went about tackling the HR department build with very little experience from establishing priority lists to finding the right mentors.


REGRETS? [11:50] Michelle admits to having made her share of mistakes, but she wouldn’t trade any of them — she does share the one thing she would have done differently: networks and relationships.


STARTING FROM SCRATCH [12:36] Michelle packs so much advice in a minute, you won’t believe it — we counted 11 really important and insightful tips.


SHAKING ASSUMPTIONS [15:30] Behaviors can help in preventing people from pigeonholing you — think about your executive presence and be strategic.


WHY SO LONG? [18:46] Michelle opens up on the reasons why she stayed so long at ASAP, the first of which is that she kept having opportunities to learn and be challenged. She touches on the increasingly short windows companies get to show how engaging they can be to new hires.


THE DELL MERGER [22:21] She did work through a few mergers, but Dell was at a different scale! She talks us through the ups and downs of the experience.


C-SUITE, CPO VS CHRO [25:38] Though there seems to be a push away from the human resources terminology, Michelle sees very little difference between the roles themselves. She delves into what best prepared her for the C-Suite, including a tough boss that knows how to push you outside your comfort zone.


GETTING TO THE C-SUITE [30:04] Michelle hands out fistfuls of advice for aspiring CPOs.


SURPRISES AND REWARDS [33:22] Michelle shares the aspects of being a CPO that she finds surprising and rewarding — even if a lot of the work is covered by NDA!


OVERSEAS EXPERIENCE [33:50] Michelle’s approach to HR is influenced by having lived overseas and being culturally aware.


A BAD CALL [35:18] Michelle shares the time she joined a company led by a narcissist.


MBA [36:56] Michelle touches on the value her MBA has had in her career.


CANDIDATE ATTRIBUTES [38:15] What are the things Michelle looks for in a successful candidate to hire.


BEST WORST JOB MICHELLE EVER HAD [39:19] Waitressing is such a good background for everything in life!


FINAL THOUGHTS AND GOOD READS [42:02] Michelle shares a very generous amount of titles to read and a recap of her tips for emerging CXOs.


[44:20] Michael thanks Michelle for coming on the podcast to share her insight and closes out the podcast with his favorite takeaways.


We hope you learned something today and enjoyed the conversation. Please give us 5 stars on iTunes and share your comments so we can improve and ask the questions you want to hear.



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Linchpin: Are You Indispensable? by Seth Godin

Tribes: We need you to lead us, by Seth Godin

Turn the Ship Around!: A True Story of Turning Followers into Leaders, by L. David Marquet

Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action, by Simon Sinek

The Hard Thing About Hard Things: Building a Business When There Are No Easy Answers,
by Ben Horowitz



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