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Episode 121: Untitled Inspirational Poem

Left Hand Poetry

Release Date: 05/28/2021

Episode 137 - Something show art Episode 137 - Something

Left Hand Poetry

Direct Cash Contribution: Support this podcast by buying me a ko-fi: Poetry Books: Read along with the podcast, get your own copy of the poems (also another great way to support the podcast): DO GOOD: Donate to Social Causes: This week, it's "Something." There wasn't an episode last week because I just wasn't feeling it. But hey, I'm back. The rest: like, share, rate, engage

Episode 136: 11 show art Episode 136: 11

Left Hand Poetry

Support this podcast by buying me a ko-fi: Read along with the podcast, get your own copy of the poems (also another great way to support the podcast): Donate to Social Causes: For whatever reason, I did not read this poem at the week of the anniversary of 9/11. I don't remember why. But for you, this year, on the 20th anniversary, is "11."

Episode 135: September's Rent show art Episode 135: September's Rent

Left Hand Poetry

Support this podcast by buying me a ko-fi: Read along with the podcast, get your own copy of the poems (also another great way to support the podcast): Donate to Social Causes: It's not Fall yet, but as of this recording it IS September, so I'm going back into "Stand Right, Walk Left" for this week's piece, "September's Rent." It evokes a feeling from slightly later in the year here in the Northern parts of North America, but hey, listen now and then listen to this episode again while you're out among the changing leaves. Plus, you can tell your friends about the podcast in the interim.

Episode 134 - Focus show art Episode 134 - Focus

Left Hand Poetry

I made the switch from Audacity to Garageband to record this week's episode ,and there's a little reverb in there I didn't catch until I was doing a final QA check on the mp3 file. So, for you dear listener, enjoy this week's episode as if it were coming to you from a 1970's recording studio, because damn they loved reverb back then! This week from is "Focus," a brief work about the transient nature of our existence. Visit for more episodes, essays, and links to Social Justice Causes. Visit for my full catalog of books, including all 3 poetry books. They make wonderful gitfts - the...

Episode 133: My new home show art Episode 133: My new home

Left Hand Poetry

With all the new homes under construction in my development, it's hard not to look back through my poetry books and pluck out this little gem to share with you all this week. It's a silly little ode written when I moved into a house I'd bought many years ago, full of optimism as a homeowner after years of renting a place. Hey everyone, this is where I remind you that this podcast can't continue forever without your support! Pick up one of my poetry books, tell a friend about the podcast, the usual rate and review stuff. Links to purchase all my books (poetry and otherwise, if you're so...

Episode 132: My Neighbor the Rabbit show art Episode 132: My Neighbor the Rabbit

Left Hand Poetry

A brief, light ode this week to the fuzzy little bunny who lets me take their picture and eats the grass (and probably carrot tops) in my yard. It's a fuzzy little poem that could use a little more work, maybe, just like the little bunny who isn't as scared of me as they ought to be. My dear fans of the podcast, here we are after 15 months together. I began this podcast for 2 reasons: 1. To make the opportunity to read out loud the poetry I'd been writing for all these years, and 2. To sell some poetry books. Goal 1 - accomplished! Goal 2 ... Folks, I'm not asking you to head over to and buy...

Episode 131: House Band at a Casino show art Episode 131: House Band at a Casino

Left Hand Poetry

I've spent almost no time in casinos, and given my awareness of my luck at games of chance there's a good reason why. However, I have been a working musician on and off over the years and many of my friends are full-time working musicians (damn good too). So I respect the hustle and the need to pay rent and furthermore just to perform (hi, I have a poetry podcast, whatsup). So with all that in mind, I give you this week's debut of "House Band at a Casino."

Episode 130: Scoping show art Episode 130: Scoping

Left Hand Poetry

This poem has been, appropriately, in the works for some time. I believe it's the first I've ever written about my father, though I have thoughts for several more. The text of the poem is at the full length post for this episode, which you can find on my blog:

Episode 129: Ask Not For Whom The Vulture Lands, It Lands For Thee show art Episode 129: Ask Not For Whom The Vulture Lands, It Lands For Thee

Left Hand Poetry

A fresh poem debuting on the podcast! I've been reading a lot of more sparse poems lately, but "Ask Not For Whom The Vulture Lands..." is step back in the direction of using more words to give us some rhythm in addition to rhyme. Before moving on I wanted to offer my apologies to Donne, Hemingway, & Poe for borrowing from all of them in the writing of this piece. Like Harry Chapin said in his live recording of "30,000lbs of Bananas," you'll know it when it comes by.

Episode 128: Axial Tilt show art Episode 128: Axial Tilt

Left Hand Poetry

Another week, another poem. This one about that sweaty feeling inside your shirt on a hot hot summer day, more or less.

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Some poems take multiple passes, a lot of tinkering and thought, to take the shape of something I'd dare share with the world. Others just kind of flow out of the pen onto the page and I like them just as they are.

This week, it's the latter. This Untitled Inspiration Poem just poured out recently as I stood in my kitchen one afternoon. Yeah, it has a touch of cliché to it, but there's nothing wrong with a little verbal remix, especially when it works rhythmically. Which I think it does, and it's my podcast and no one who listens to this thing has ever commented that my sense of rhythm is off (or commented much of anything, 'sup?), but I digress. I'm also doing something different with this week's show notes. Since this poem isn't typed up anywhere and it's a shorter work, I'm putting the text of the poem into these show notes. Check the bottom for the poem.

But before that, you know the drill:

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The poems will continue to flow, but so must the Justice.


Untitled Inspirational Poem

If you're waiting for

a better, more unfettered


Do not decline to act

instead attack and say

"seize the day"

(carpe diem)

See them, all the things

you're waiting on

Take them on

Put upon your shoulders

the mantle of action

for inaction breeds the like

To psych yourself out of a taste

Leaving naught but

sour grapes