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Wu Tang Clan

This Is Rad!

Release Date: 09/22/2021

Hiking show art Hiking

This Is Rad!

This week the boys are joined by comedian and documentarian Alexanderra Totz for a conversation about hiking, stand up, and the different lives we have in the different places we live. Plus, some good Baltimore talk and gay skydiving, what more could you want?   Check out Alexanderra's documentary   Weekly Rads: Kyle – The Menu (movie) and Sugar and Spice by Boyfriend (album) Matthew – No blood coming out of your mouth! (thing that can happen) Alexanderra – Water Pick/Giving your teeth a shower (activity)   Get Kyle Clark's I'm a Person: Director's Cut  You can go...

Radful 2022 show art Radful 2022

This Is Rad!

This week the shadow cabal that creates This Is Rad! (Kyle Clark, Matthew Burnside, Laura Knight, Adam Crosse, and Frank Gillen) gather together to chat about their relationships with the show and what it has meant to them in the last few years.   We are radful for all of our listeners and anyone who has ever been a part of the TIR! Community. We are truly privileged to have an audience of such truly rad humans.   Get Kyle Clark's I'm a Person: Director's Cut  You can go to   and pay what you want for the full uncut set from “I'm a Person” which includes 20...

Talking Animals show art Talking Animals

This Is Rad!

This week Kyle and Matthew are joined by comedian Kate Merriam to chat about animals that can talk! Did you know there is a movement going on right now that is trying to teach animals to talk using soundboards? Kyle and Burnside certainly did not. Kate takes us on a journey into talking animal instagram. We are introduced to some of the internets most popular talking animals. Plus, Burnside shows us a creepy cat video!   Weekly Rad: Kyle – Wakanda Forever (movie) and “I can fool anybody in this town” ep by Liily (EP by band) Burnside – Taskmaster (show) Kate – The Peripheral...

Party Stories show art Party Stories

This Is Rad!

This week the hilarious Kym Kral hangs with the boys to swap party stories. Kym recants us with some solid stories of mayhem from her 20s. But they also chat about the dark side of partying and they propose the art of “sustainable partying”. You want tips on shotgunning beers and beer bongs? We got you. You need stories about vomiting? We got you. You want talk about being pressured into writing and singing your own theme song? Yup.   All that said, hey, please drink and party responsibly...   Weekly Rads: Kyle – One Piece (anime) / Dai Dark (manga) Matthew – Weird: The Al...

Board Games 2 show art Board Games 2

This Is Rad!

This week, comedian Simon Taylor joins the boys to chat about the wild world of board gamin'. Back in the early days of rad we did an episode on board games. Has it been long enough that this ep counts as a reboot or is it more of a legacy sequel? We chat good games to start with, advice for how to find board game people, and what makes a game good? Plus, is there anything more satisfying than flipping over that virtual table in Tabletop Simulator?   Weekly Rads: Kyle – TV or Not TV by Liily (album) Matthew – Not NHL 23 (mighty ducks), simpsons treehouse of horror (show) Simon –...

Ohio show art Ohio

This Is Rad!

This week Kate Gaffney returns to chat about the great state of Ohio. Burnside and Kate do a beautiful job discussing the highs and lows of life in Ohio. We chat food and ways to have fun in the midwest as a teen. Plus, why is it everywhere you go, you meet people form Ohio? This might be the least Kyle talks in the history of the show. Grab a plate of Skyline Chili and hang out for a grand tour through the Buckeye State.   Go to and get 20% off+Free Shipping with code TIR   Weekly Rads: Kyle – Survivor.io (game) Matthew – The Palonio Show Halloween Special (hulu show)...

Halloween Special 2022 show art Halloween Special 2022

This Is Rad!

Four tales of the strange and unusual!   Listener Warning: The stories in this episode contain frightening and some violent content. (see below credits for trigger warnings)   Credits: Opening and Closing Credits by Codefreq @codefreqmusic     All stories by Kyle Clark   Readers The Lure House - Kyle Clark @kyleclarkisrad   Gameshow - Matthew Burnside @matthewburnside   Package C - Joe Kaye @joecharleskaye   Safety Demonstration - Adam Crosse @thearcknight   Trigger Warnings: The Lure House – teens in peril   Gameshow – violence, threats of...

Evil Dead 2 show art Evil Dead 2

This Is Rad!

Radtober takes a trip to an old cabin in the woods and Amy Drolet and Mike Mayfield lead us into the bloody and hilarious world of Evil Dead 2. What is it that makes Evil Dead 2 one of the most beloved horror films of all time? Mike chats about the cartoony nature of the films sense of humor. Amy chats about the glorious gore. Plus, we explore the large Evil Dead franchise. Whether you already love Evil Dead 2 or this is your first exposure, there's something in this Necronomicon of an episode for everyone.   Weekly Rads: Kyle – Magic Girl Apocalypse (manga) Matthew – Hellraiser...

Extreme Horror show art Extreme Horror

This Is Rad!

CONTENT WARNING: We DO NOT recommend seeking out the films mentioned in this episode. If you find yourself inclined to explore the world of extreme cinema we highly recommend doing research for yourself prior to diving in. There are many triggering subjects out there and everyone's taste are different. We respect that every listener has their own boundaries and we encourage you to feel no pressure to explore artwork outside of your comfort level. If you choose to explore these films, please understand you have been thoroughly warned.   Radtober 2022 rages on as Kyle and Matthew are joined...

Horror Manga and Anime show art Horror Manga and Anime

This Is Rad!

Ratober 2022 continues! This week we are joined by one of our favorite guests, the always hilarious Anna Valenzuela. Anna has a list of recommendations a mile long. This would be a good episode to keep something near by to take notes with because the recommendations come fast and often. They chat Junji Ito and make some recommendations on where to start with his massive bibliography. Plus, they share some hidden gems out there. They also talk about some show called Attack on Titan that sounds alright. As a bonus, they also stop to watch the Mario trailer together and give you their first...

More Episodes

This week Kyle and Matthew discuss a topic that ain't nothing to [email protected] with. They are joined by one of Rad's favorite guests, the one and only Ed Greer for a rousing discussion about the music and the cultural impact of The Wu Tang Clan. What kind of impact does the idea of rappers as super heroes do to a young person's brain? What are the entry points for getting into Wu Tang and what are the essential albums? All this and several hours more will get discussed as we step into the slums of Shaolin and enter the 36 chambers...


Weekly Rads:

Kyle - Cobra Kai (show)

Matthew - Code Red Mountain Dew float (tasty treat)

Ed - The fallout from the Rocketeer reboot having a black lead (thing that happened)


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