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Wu Tang Clan

This Is Rad!

Release Date: 09/22/2021

Paper, Scissors, Rock show art Paper, Scissors, Rock

This Is Rad!

In a surprising turn of events, a guest bailed. But this time Kyle and Burnside are prepared. Enough time has elapsed since they last spoke that they've got plenty to talk about including, seeing Idles live, what makes a good rice krispy treat, and a debate about amateur tornado chasing. Fun stuff!     Is it rad?: Is Puppy Chow rad? (aka muddy buddies)     Weekly Rads: Kyle – Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton (book) Matthew – People in the food services industry who respect your customers. (business practice) C2S hand coffee grinder (kitchen utensil) Check out Burnside...

(not) Indie Labels show art (not) Indie Labels

This Is Rad!

We give you a bit of the old and a bit of the new this week! We do an old fashion intro with just the boyz. Then, Burnside is off to see Idles and we get some classic new school TIR where the guest had to bail out hours before the episode and we got a new guest. The old guest recommended the new guest and we're totally not mad at the first guest. Plus, Kyle's chat with the second guest has some good stuff. The real Indie Labels episode will be fun. In the mean time, enjoy this.   Special Thanks to Jon Shefsky   Weekly Rads: Kyle – The Work of Steve Albini (RIP) Matthew – Fallout...

1999 show art 1999

This Is Rad!

The Martin Duprass (@themartinduprass) return to the show to chat about the year that birthed the dawn of the Willennium, 1999. They talk about the wildness of the Y2K era. Plus, lotta good movies came out that year.   More importatnly: The Martin Dupras have done a remake of Kevin Smith's 1999 film Dogma based on their memories of the movie having not seeing it for a while. It's a wild ride.     Watch DawgMuh: As We Remember It     Is It Rad: Is charcuterie for dinner rad?   Weekly Rads: Kyle - Where's My Utopia by Yard Act (album) Matthew – Carnival Cruise...

Sleepovers show art Sleepovers

This Is Rad!

Kyle is joined by 2/3rds of the crew from the new horror podcast Pillow Fright, Elissa Wagner and Ama Lea for a chat about sleepovers and horror movies. Elissa and Ama are both lifelong horror fans who have tried several times to get a podcast going before this current iteration. Plus, extensive conversations about which horror characters can get it...   Also, stick around after the ep for a little something extra. ;)   Weekly Rads:   Kyle – X-Men 97, again (show) Ama – Fallout (show) Elissa – Trashy reality shows (TV genre)   Check out Burnside playing video games at...

Perseverance (and Korean BBQ) show art Perseverance (and Korean BBQ)

This Is Rad!

Notable Canadian, Richard Eden, visits Southern California.   Weekly Rad:   Civil War (movie)   Check out Burnside playing video games at https://www.twitch.tv/stayindoorsburnside   Get Kyle Clark's I'm a Person: Director's Cut  You can go to  and pay what you want for the full uncut set from “I'm a Person” which includes 20 mins of unheard material, plus an additional 15 minutes of never released bonus live recordings!   Send Us Stuff! We have a PO Box! This Is Rad! / Kyle Clark PO Box #198 2470 Stearns St Simi Valley, CA 93063   Tales from an...

Themed Cruises show art Themed Cruises

This Is Rad!

The boys are delighted to welcome back one of the cooler humans on the planet, Annie Lockwood. Annie has had a wild couple of years that have ended in her living in NYC and working on themed festival cruises. This is one of those episodes where the guest just keeps saying wild things and the boys gasp and giggle. Wanna you wanna hear stories about drunken old people, wrestling madness, and Mini KISS? Grab a boozy milk shake, sit down in the biohazard hot tub, and strap in folks. We are setting sail!   Weekly Rads: Kyle – The Big Flop (podcast) Matthew – Getting buzzed while your best...

Confessions of a Texas Haunter (Almost) show art Confessions of a Texas Haunter (Almost)

This Is Rad!

This week you were gonna hear wild stories of haunted attractions, Texas-style! A little Radtober in the Springtime!   But, there were... issues.   So instead, be bring you another intimate evening with the boyz.   Next Week we will have a guest or your pizza is free!   Weekly Rads: Kyle – Podcast The Ride The Citywalk Orlando Saga: Malltiverse of Madness (podcast series) Matthew – New Season of Taskmaster, new eps Thursdays on their YouTube channel (show)   Check out Burnside playing video games at https://www.twitch.tv/stayindoorsburnside   Get Kyle Clark's...

Dad Jokes show art Dad Jokes

This Is Rad!

Burnside's time has come. Brandon Niznik returns to the show with his wife Criselda Valderrama to chat about their new joke book “Dad Jokes for Disastrous Situations”. We discuss the art of the dad joke and what went into compiling this compendium. Oh, hey, before you go listen, what's that on your shirt? Get Dad Jokes for Disasterous Situations      Weekly Rads:   Kyle – And Now for the Whatchamacallit by Psycadellic Porn Crumpets (album)   Burnside – Wavy cut toilet paper (toiletry)   Laura – The Rise and Fall of a Widwest Princess by Chappell Roan...

An Evening In with The Boyz show art An Evening In with The Boyz

This Is Rad!

This week, a guest fell out and so Matthew and Kyle had a lovely chat. Topics include: upcoming horror movies, employment, and Burnside gives some tips for the times...   Weekly Rads: Kyle – For Forever by The American Analog Set (album) and Late Night with the Devil (movie) and X-Men '97 (show) Matthew – Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire (movie)   Check out Burnside playing video games at https://www.twitch.tv/stayindoorsburnside   Get Kyle Clark's I'm a Person: Director's Cut  You can go to www.kyleclarkcomed.bandcamp.com and pay what you want for the full uncut set from...

Immersive Theater show art Immersive Theater

This Is Rad!

The podcast returns with another look at the world of immersive theater, this time from an actor's point of view. Libby Rose has been working extensively with immersive theater groups since moving to LA. We listen to her story of getting involved with immersive theater and what it requires from an actor. She tells us about some interesting private immersive performances and some of the wild things she's done.   Weekly Rads: Kyle – Punk's Dead by Soft Play (single) Matthew – The Traitors (show) Libby – A cat meme describing the events of the American revolution but with cats (meme)...

More Episodes

This week Kyle and Matthew discuss a topic that ain't nothing to f@ck with. They are joined by one of Rad's favorite guests, the one and only Ed Greer for a rousing discussion about the music and the cultural impact of The Wu Tang Clan. What kind of impact does the idea of rappers as super heroes do to a young person's brain? What are the entry points for getting into Wu Tang and what are the essential albums? All this and several hours more will get discussed as we step into the slums of Shaolin and enter the 36 chambers...


Weekly Rads:

Kyle - Cobra Kai (show)

Matthew - Code Red Mountain Dew float (tasty treat)

Ed - The fallout from the Rocketeer reboot having a black lead (thing that happened)


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