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Selling Your Business Yourself, with Dr. Grace Yum

Financially Simple Bizcast

Release Date: 11/15/2021

The Wealth Game: Safe at Second show art The Wealth Game: Safe at Second

Financially Simple Bizcast

Where are you right now in your journey through the wealth game? Do you have savings or emergency funds? Are you investing in your future? Do you have a 401k? Have you started your own business? If you have, congratulations, you’re in second base! As we continue our journey through the wealth game, we want to begin saving, investing, and accumulating assets while we cast our eyes to third base. Yet—just as the run from first to second was difficult—the run from second to third can be arduous. So, how can you get there?   In this episode, I outline how to move from second to third...

The Wealth Game: Stealing from First to Second show art The Wealth Game: Stealing from First to Second

Financially Simple Bizcast

There are so many traps along the way of the Wealth Game that could keep you from achieving financial independence. Emotions, financial habits, and lifestyle choices can all tie us down to the Wealth Game’s first base and prevent us from moving to second—yet, it is not impossible. Those of us who aspire to move beyond first base have to figure out what it takes to reach second base: the stage of asset accumulation. In this episode, I discuss how we can steal second base in the Wealth Game. I explain what lifestyle creeps are and why so many people get stuck in first base. I differentiate...

The Wealth Game: Getting to First show art The Wealth Game: Getting to First

Financially Simple Bizcast

I vividly remember playing baseball while I was growing up. I remember hitting the ball, running the bases, and hearing the fans go crazy. And, of course, there’s my dad on the sideline, jumping up and down, pumping his chest like a peacock, and shouting that he’s proud of me. The wealth game can have the same effects on our lives if we play it correctly—moving from home plate to first base, then setting our eyes to second. In this episode, I discuss what it takes to move from home plate to first base. I describe the first base of the wealth game. I explain why many people get trapped in...

Intro to the Wealth Game show art Intro to the Wealth Game

Financially Simple Bizcast

What is wealth to you? Is it happy relationships with friends and family? Or, like Virgil, do you think that wealth is health? What about financial wealth? For so many people, the idea of financial wealth is something mystical—something that belongs to fantasy. But I genuinely believe that wealth is a game and, if we can teach people how to play it, it can be easier, less intimidating, and more enjoyable. In this episode, I discuss the wealth game and explain its rules. I define financial independence and describe the different kinds of wealth. I also outline the different stages of...

The Power of Video for your Marketing show art The Power of Video for your Marketing

Financially Simple Bizcast

The role of video in our everyday lives has become more and more prominent. In fact, Business Insider has observed an unprecedented growth in digital video viewership between 2019 and 2020. Yet, despite this rapid increase in viewers, we small business owners don’t really tap into the power of video in marketing. I believe that if we took the time and energy to create video-based assets for marketing our businesses, we could drastically increase their value. In this episode, I discuss the power of video in marketing. I share statistics on the growing demand for video as well as the...

The Power of Video for Your Team show art The Power of Video for Your Team

Financially Simple Bizcast

If you’re like me, you spent 90% of your time speaking face-to-face and engaging with clients and groups of people before Covid-19. When the pandemic hit, my world changed. I, like many business owners, had to transition from doing in-person communication to interacting with clients and other people through the phone or video conferencing. But if a business owner isn’t using all the video capabilities an app has, they’re missing out on the true power of video and visual communication. In this episode, I discuss how the pandemic has impacted the use of video conferencing for business. I...

A Small Business Sale: A Coach's Perspective show art A Small Business Sale: A Coach's Perspective

Financially Simple Bizcast

David DeCelle is the President of Model FA, a community for financial advisors to come together to learn about sales, marketing, and business development from experts and other financial advisors. David and his team at Model FA are dedicated to empowering financial advisors by helping them build the practice that they envision. Before becoming President of Model FA, David was a financial advisor himself and served as the Director and Financial Advisor for Northwestern Mutual. David joins us today to share his perspective on me as a business owner and my businesses. He discusses the different...

Business Owner Self Sabotage show art Business Owner Self Sabotage

Financially Simple Bizcast

We business owners are a unique breed. In addition to the many plates we spin and the responsibilities we have, we want to see our businesses move forward. And, whether you realize it or not, we have a destructive habit that, if left unchecked, can undermine our dreams, our team, and our vision—and that habit is self-sabotage. In this episode, I discuss what self-sabotage is, why it happens, how to identify it, and how to limit it. I outline the roots of self-sabotage and describe how fear prevents us from seeking growth. I explain what impostor syndrome is and how it is a detriment to our...

Lessons From Selling show art Lessons From Selling

Financially Simple Bizcast

I’ve been in the business game for over 30 years, and in that time, I’ve helped many business owners sell or buy businesses (I also wrote The Ultimate Sale and Your Baby’s Ugly to tell the tale). However, it’s one thing to write about an event and another to go through it yourself; so, when I sold my companies, I was reminded of the key principles all business owners need to consider when preparing for great business change—whether they’re about to launch a new product or sell a company. In today’s episode, I share the key lessons I’ve learned from selling my businesses. I...

Interviewing the Buyer with Patrick Brewer show art Interviewing the Buyer with Patrick Brewer

Financially Simple Bizcast

Patrick Brewer is the President and Chief Marketing Officer of WealthSource, a company dedicated to helping financial advisors thrive with business resources and innovative solutions. He is also the founder of the Model FA family of companies that supports financial advisors in growing sustainable businesses. An entrepreneur and speaker, Patrick is passionate about helping advisors and the people they serve realize their full potential and find financial freedom.  Patrick joins us today to discuss the factors that attracted WealthSource into buying Financially Simple, Heritage Investors,...

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In episode 385 of Financially Simple, Justin talks to Dr. Grace Yum about selling her dental practices by herself.

Taking the reins and selling your business by yourself can be challenging, and immensely rewarding, especially if you’ve taken the right steps to understand the process and your desired outcomes. In this episode, Justin and Grace discuss the events of her starting, building, and eventually selling her dental practices on her own.

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00:42 - Selling Your Business Yourself, with Dr. Grace Yum

03:46 - Backstory: Education, Experience, Development

09:30 - Exiting

12:04 - Seeking Guidance

13:38 - Leaving a Legacy

15:57 - Doing it Yourself

19:27 - The Buyer

21:16 - The Process

23:25 - Crossing the Finish Line

25:40 - The Next Step

31:01 - Recommend Reading

31:50 - A Nugget of Wisdom

32:54 - Summary




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