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081 Getting Girls Into Tech, with Dr. Shelly Gruenig

STEM Southwest Podcast

Release Date: 02/24/2022

092 What's New in Fintech - FINCON 2023, with Russell Faigen and Lily Vittayarukskul show art 092 What's New in Fintech - FINCON 2023, with Russell Faigen and Lily Vittayarukskul

STEM Southwest Podcast

This episode is for you if you have ever wondered how to make financial decisions, or you will one day to have to make decisions regarding elder care for a loved one or yourself! Join Bob and Shelly for another year of celebrating tech and finances at FinCon23.  Listen in as they talk about AI and making it your collaborator and not your competitor.  First up is Bob who speaks with Russell Faigen from moomoo, a one-stop destination for financial investing and resources. However, don’t worry as there will never be any high-pressure investors from moomoo giving advice.  Then,...

091 Reaching for the Stars, with Dr. Misty Carty show art 091 Reaching for the Stars, with Dr. Misty Carty

STEM Southwest Podcast

In this episode, Bob and Shelly take a look at the sky just days before the next solar eclipse.  Join us as Dr. Misty enthusiastically shares her wealth of knowledge about the sun, moon, and stars - and why we seem to be having more solar events!  Finally, join us as we speak about the upcoming Balloon Fiesta and the excitement surrounding this event. Let's blast off with this next out of this world STEM Southwest podcast! Show Notes Dr. Misty Carty has over two decades of experience as an informal science educator, inspiring young students to develop a love for...

090 Safety in Numbers, with Ann Shubert show art 090 Safety in Numbers, with Ann Shubert

STEM Southwest Podcast

Join us in this episode to learn why we took an extended break. Then, dive in with one of our favorite repeat guests speaking about a favorite subject.... money. Whether you are stressed about money, trying to understand how to make more money, or simply want a plan to invest, this episode is for you! Ann Shubert has launched a new blog that stands at the intersection of STEM and Money! Her message today gives us all hope - it's never too late, or too early to be making financial plans! Show Notes   Ann Shubert started her professional career planning to be an astrophysicist,...

089 Out of this World: Hyperdrive Space Summit  with  Merridith Ingram, Meredith Schweitzer, Jihoon Kim, Jason Lee,  Steven Wood, Brad Berkson, and Jeromy Grimmett show art 089 Out of this World: Hyperdrive Space Summit with Merridith Ingram, Meredith Schweitzer, Jihoon Kim, Jason Lee, Steven Wood, Brad Berkson, and Jeromy Grimmett

STEM Southwest Podcast

Join Shelly as she interviews leaders in the Aerospace Industry that gathered to innovate new ideas and build collaborative relationships at the November 2022 Hyperdrive Space Summit hosted by CNM Ingenuity and the Air Force Research Labs.  Interviews cover topics from space marketing and innovation, the space force, new technologies as well as rockets and the future of the workforce.  Join us and launch into another dimension as we finally kick off 2023 with this fabulous episode! Show Notes     Be Greater Than Average Be Greater Than Average Be...

088 Building a Successful STEM Business, with Ivy Slater show art 088 Building a Successful STEM Business, with Ivy Slater

STEM Southwest Podcast

Are you ready to lead, build, and scale your business?  This Is what our guest Ivy Slater of Slater Success asks others. In her podcast, Her Success Stories, Ivy highlights gutsy women in business and recently interviewed our co-host  and shaping the future of technology.  While Ivy is not from the Southwest, she brings a wealth of knowledge that everyone in the STEM Southwest audience needs to hear - how to effectively lead our businesses to make our communities even greater.  With all of that in mind, we welcome best-selling author, accomplished business owner, and...

087 Growing Fintech at FinCon22, with Ryan Ruff and Jason Parker show art 087 Growing Fintech at FinCon22, with Ryan Ruff and Jason Parker

STEM Southwest Podcast

This week’s episode is a celebration of tech and finances!  Bob and Shelly attended FinCon22 and share with you two great interviews for their second annual report on Fintech.  Join them as they spend time with the host of the Fintech competition, Ryan Ruff of ASA, to hear the latest on the impact of technology on financial learning. They also interview Jason Parker with Retirement Budget Calculator, one of the competitors in this year's FinTech Competition and he walks through the powerful tool designed to help all people answer the question, When Can I Retire? Show Notes Ryan...

086 STEM Squared, with H. Puentes show art 086 STEM Squared, with H. Puentes

STEM Southwest Podcast

Big apologies for our summer hiatus from posting new episodes....it's been a crazy, wonderful time for Bob and Shelly, but we are happy to be back at it and sharing a new episode with our amazing audience. H. Puentes is a kindred spirit and we can't think of a better way to dive back into STEM Southwest.  In addition to this amazing interview, we have some exciting interviews lined up for the Fall and can't wait to share them with you!  Thanks for joining us for this amazing interview, and please consider sharing this episode and inviting friends to join us and listen in to STEM...

085 Regulating Cancer for the Cure, with Dr. Steve Worland show art 085 Regulating Cancer for the Cure, with Dr. Steve Worland

STEM Southwest Podcast

Today's episode will take a deep dive into the science of cancer, asking the hard questions and discussing how regulation may lead to a cure.  Our guest. Dr. Steve Worland, has a strong background in pharmaceuticals, research and molecular biology that led to a powerful discussion with Bob and Shelly. Show Notes Dr. Steve Worland has served as President and Chief Executive Officer of eFFECTOR Therapeutics and as a member of its Board of Directors since its inception in May 2012.  Previously, Dr. Worland served as Chief Executive Officer of Anadys Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a...

084 The Economic Impact of STEM, with Alex Greenberg show art 084 The Economic Impact of STEM, with Alex Greenberg

STEM Southwest Podcast

Today's guest brings a perspective on the economic development impact of STEM as the newly appointed Director of the Office of Science and Technology for the New Mexico Economic Development Department.  With a biomedical background, Alex Greenberg shares his unique perspective on the powerful impact that science is making on business and in the state.  He shares how the important collective partnership of government agency, private business, and education will continue to improve the trajectory of all things STEM in the state, and encourages listeners to reach out...

083 Illuminating STEM, with Paul Pickard show art 083 Illuminating STEM, with Paul Pickard

STEM Southwest Podcast

Join Bob and Shelly today as they shine a light on the science of circadian rhythms and how guest, Dr. Paul Pickard, is using advances in technology to make life better for all of us.  Today, you can listen in as we get nerdy over all things lighting, and explore how innovation is being used by physicists, light scientists, and data scientists at Korrus and other companies to ensure that we all have a brighter future! Show Notes Paul Pickard is the Chief Technology Officer of Korrus, Inc, a Los Angeles-based startup dedicated to improving human health and wellbeing through the power of...

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How do we get Girls Into Tech and keep Girls Into Tech?  In today’s episode, Shelly shares her emotional STEM story and how her 6th grade science fair project boosted her desire to learn more science and tech. Shelly shares about her first Radio Shack computer that was purchased with money that she earned delivering newspapers.  She grew up in what we now call an underserved rural community with no mentors that could help to guide her pathway to tech, which impacted her access and her future career. She hopes to open doors of opportunity to girls in a way that no program has ever offered before.

Show Notes

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We often hear Shelly share that we owe it to every daughter to open the doors of opportunity and fill them with hope while equipping them with skills and confidence that they can be successful in STEM.

Growing up as a shy country girl, Shelly was an innovator and problem solver who would eventually become a community leader inducted into the STEM Hall of Fame.  With a PhD in Workforce Education and Career Development, she believes that young people need two things to make their best career decisions:

-Broad Range of Experiences

-Great Role Models

Shelly is committed to using her philosophy and experiences in working with young women in order to ensure that they have the opportunity to become a Girl Into Tech.  She shares that “Girls Into Tech is my answer on how we encourage and support more Girls Into Tech - we need women’s viewpoints in the marketplace and the only way for that to happen is by knocking down the barriers that our daughters face.”

Mimi Vandermolen, Ford Motor Company: Mimi Vandermolen, the Ergonomics Genius Behind Ford's “Rounded Edge Revolution” - Core77


What makes Girls Into Tech special:

-ongoing support and mentoring community, not simply one and done

-by girls for girls, growing them into peer leadership

-monthly programming

-workshops and training

-access to scholarships and opportunities


Special thanks to:

Meta/Facebook for sponsoring the first cohort of girls in Valencia County, New Mexico

R4Creating as Girls Into Tech sponsor: R4 Creating

Founding sponsor, Market Ascent: Market Ascent - Home


How to support Girls Into Tech:

Learn more about Girls Into Tech: Girls Into Tech How It Works – Be Greater Than Average



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