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Fast Food Favorites

This Is Rad!

Release Date: 05/11/2022

Smutty Movies show art Smutty Movies

This Is Rad!

This week the boys are joined by comedian Emily Kirk for a conversation about her love of smut. What is smut? How it it different than porn or something that is “steamy”? We get into it and in the process we discuss a whole lot of sexy, sexy movies. Plus, Emily breaks down what she loves about smutty movies and how they've influenced her life and her comedy. Prepare to be erotically thrilled!   Weekly Rads: Kyle – Grant Morrison's Batman run (so far...) (comic) Matthew – Boyfriend Dungeon (video game) Tahitian Emily – The Rehearsal (show) BONUS: Ski (soda)   Get Kyle...

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds show art Star Trek: Strange New Worlds

This Is Rad!

The boys are back in town! The boys are back in town! Burnside is back from Ohio and Kyle is back from out of town comedy shows and the first episode back is IRL baby! If that wasn't enough, they're joined by two of our favorite guests Ed Greer and Klee Wiggins to chat about new Star Trek, old Star Trek and future Star Trek. But first everybody has some catching up to do since the boys haven't recorded an episode since mid-June. It's good to be back and even better to be chatting with Klee and Ed about Star Trek.   Weekly Rads: Kyle – All That Jazz (movie) Burnside – Going to a real...

Being a Creator show art Being a Creator

This Is Rad!

This week the boys welcome comedian and creator Rey Reyes. Like Kyle and Matt, Rey is constantly working on a lot of creative projects. They discuss the highs and lows of making stuff. The ways it affects your life and the things you do for the love of making stuff. Plus, fair amount of video game talk in this one. This episode concludes our run of pre-recorded episodes. Next week the boys return with some piping hot fresh rad.   Weekly Rad: Matthew - God's Favorite Idiot (show) Kyle – Playdate (handheld video game system) Rey – Home Decor   Get Kyle Clark's I'm a Person:...

Summer Boiz show art Summer Boiz

This Is Rad!

For our final installment of Summer of Rad 2022 we find ourselves with just our boys Kyle and Matthew having a little hang. After mulitple guests dropped for a final ep before Burnside left, the boys ended up having an excuse to just bro-down about life, summer, and the pod. Just close your eyes and pretend we're all in Burnside's parents basement trying to avoid the mid-day heat and kicking back.   Weekly Rads: Kyle – The Playdate (handheld video game) Burnside – The iPhone 14 MAX (phone)   Come see Kyle at Gilman Brewing with Andy Iwancio July 30th at 7:30pm Get your tickets...

Summer Hangs show art Summer Hangs

This Is Rad!

Summer of Rad rolls along as we are welcomed back by one of our favorite summer duos, Lisa Curry and Kate Gaffney. We wanted to sit at Malibu Seafood restaurant but it got crowded and full of kids and we figured we'd spare them a renegade podcast recording in the corner of the dinning area. So we moved down the road and found a lovely park overlooking the ocean.   By change we end up chatting about the history of the pod on this episode that comes out on our 8th anniversary. From everybody at This Is Rad! THANK YOU FOR LISTENING! None of this would have been possible without all of you...

Summertime Madness show art Summertime Madness

This Is Rad!

It's week two of 2022 Summer of Rad and Keith Carey and Brandie Posey came over to hang out and do a brief and focused episode rich with researched information and facts... Nah, it's three hours of riffs. Grab a bev, pull up a chair and come hang out!   Weekly Rads: Kyle – Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty (show) Matthew – The Smile (band and album) Brandie – Methuzala the Bristol Cone Pine Tree, the oldest known tree (tree) Keith – The Evil Dead video game (video game)   GO CHECK OUT LAURA'S Summer of Rad 2022 POSTER AND SHIRT DESIGN!   Show them...

Summer Food and Friends (Summer of Rad 2022) show art Summer Food and Friends (Summer of Rad 2022)

This Is Rad!

For the first episode of Summer of Rad 2022 we bring in the one and only River's Langley for another summer food project. This time he's fed us homemade McRibs. What does that mean? Listen and find out. But he didn't come alone. He's joined by the always wonderful Joe Kaye and new to the show guest, comedian and filmmaker Seth Pomeroy. As if that wasn't enough, we're joined by Kasey Clark as well. It's a real backyard party kicking of SoR'22.   GO CHECK OUT LAURA'S Summer of Rad 2022 POSTER AND SHIRT DESIGN!   Show them how to have a summah in our new summer looks.     Send...

Listener Questions June 2022 show art Listener Questions June 2022

This Is Rad!

This week Kyle and Matthew answer your summer themed questions for June 2022! Topics include several conversations concerning ice cream, inter-dimensional travel, seminal summer video games of our youths, and a space pirate named Ch'od...   For $1 a month you can as us whatever you want at ! But you can't in July because there won't be a July Listener Questions so we can bring you more Summer of Rad!   Send Us Stuff! We have a PO Box! This Is Rad! / Kyle Clark PO Box #198 2470 Stearns St Simi Valley, CA 93063   Tales from an Analog Future issue 1 (Early Access Edition) Get it...

Marvel 6: Multipod of Madness show art Marvel 6: Multipod of Madness

This Is Rad!

This week our Marvel Cinematic Universe field coorispondant Jeremy Scippio for an update on what's been going on in the last few years. We chat the movies, we chat the TV, and we pontificate how the Fantastic Four and X-Men will affect future phases. It's not all MCU worship but we also give credit where credit is due. The MCU is in, maybe, the most interesting place it's been since the march to Avengers. Yes, it's a podcast where dudes talk about the MCU, but hey, we do it This Is Rad! style.... Which means long and full of tangents. Oh, and there is some Sonic talk up top if you're nasty...

Bar Trivia show art Bar Trivia

This Is Rad!

This week Kyle and Matthew welcome comedian, trivia host, balloon artist, and sometimes princess India Pearl. India ran a Disney themed trivia night at a drag bar in Hollywood for several years. Between her and a partner they brought a new trivia show to the bar every week with different themes. Kyle shares his experiences both as a player and host of trivia both in his days as a baby comic and for the last decade with Stonecutters LA. We get some great stories about children's parties in the greater Boston area. Plus India tests the boys with a few rounds of Disney trivia...   Weekly...

More Episodes

This week Kyle and Matthew welcome comedian Dana Whissen for a chat about their favorite fast food items. Right up front, this ep is a little short cause Dana had to go, we will 100% be doing a second Fast Food Favorites episode. Okay, with that out of the way, the gang chat about long lost items at Burger King, the purpose of Dunken, and the origins of Hardees. They also go pretty deep on fast food breakfasts. What AM items are secretly gold? Which ones will mess up your day before it begins?



In the episode we discuss Tiger Electronic Games and specifically the one for musical legend MC Hammer. Below is a link to a recreation of that game on archive.org. If somebody flags us for this being illegal, we'll make this shit disappear but in the meantime, please enjoy:





Weekly Rads:

Kyle – Spider-Man: No Way Home (movie)

Matthew – Original Iron Chef on Peacock (show)

Dana – The Babysitters Club (book series)


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