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097 Medicarians - Customer Creation

The Re/Imagine Podcast

Release Date: 06/23/2022

111 Special Edition: ITC 2022 Microcasts show art 111 Special Edition: ITC 2022 Microcasts

The Re/Imagine Podcast

Over the course of three days, over 9,000 people in the insurance and insurtech industry convened in Las Vegas to showcase new innovations, learn how to increase productivity and reduce costs, and ultimately enrich the lives of policyholders. For us,  was about reconnecting in person with the community that helped build us. Special thanks to  for providing us the opportunity to set up shop and record 22 microcasts in their living tradeshow booth.  You don't want to miss the stories and updates! 🎙🎧 COVR -  CTO Ryan Allan - 02:12“Successful Series B...

110 The Joy Experiment - Creating Cities That Innovate show art 110 The Joy Experiment - Creating Cities That Innovate

The Re/Imagine Podcast

In this episode, Paul Kalbfleisch and Jackie Mandyck discuss how cities foster innovation and what that means to advance innovation in the insurance ecosystem and our community. Innovators and creatives benefit from the ability to collaborate and mash together. Listen to learn how the design and activation of public places can facilitate play, create joy and help advance a more collaborative tomorrow. Connect with , Principal Consultant, PAUL Consulting, and Author, The Joy Experiments:   Connect with , Executive Director, iQuilt Partnership,   Learn more about Nassau...

109 The Anthropology of Innovation with Byron Reese show art 109 The Anthropology of Innovation with Byron Reese

The Re/Imagine Podcast

The Anthropology of Innovation with Byron Reese This week we spoke with futurist, entrepreneur, and author Byron Reese about the anthropology of innovation and the transformative effect of technology on the workplace and on society at large. Plug in and learn about, : How Humans Learned to See the Future — and Shape it. What makes the human mind so unique? And how did we get this way? Connect with Byron Reese: Learn more about Nassau Re/Imagine:  Connect with us: 

108 Using AI to Make Unbiased Plan Decisions with Mark Seghers show art 108 Using AI to Make Unbiased Plan Decisions with Mark Seghers

The Re/Imagine Podcast

Mark Seghers, CEO, and Co-Founder of Inspire Health Tech join Paul Tyler, CMO, Nassau Financial Group, and Laura Dinan Haber, Innovation Program Manager, Nassau Re/Imagine to discuss the use of artificial intelligence as a tool to provide unbias information in order to gain valuable insight into making purchasing decisions.   'As Artificial Intelligence and predictive analytics take hold in the Medicare market, carriers are often faced with a new type of Medicare shopper.  Today's Medicare shopper is tech-savvy and well-informed. Inspire Health Tech can help you understand these...

107 Reinventing Core Advisor Software show art 107 Reinventing Core Advisor Software

The Re/Imagine Podcast

Session 6: Core Advisor Software “Reshaping the Retirement Conversation with Better Advisor Software” Developing a thoughtful, thorough retirement plan today requires increasingly specialized expertise in needs analysis, risk assessment, product selection, Social Security optimization, health care planning, performance management, and psychology. In an increasingly litigious environment, providing this service becomes increasingly difficult for practitioners. Can consistent advances in software platforms lead to more productive discussions with clients, better outcomes, and less risk for...

106 - Addressing Climate Change Through Annuities show art 106 - Addressing Climate Change Through Annuities

The Re/Imagine Podcast

Climate change promises to impact more than the property & casualty sector. The Department of Labor recently released a “Request for Information on Possible Agency Actions to Protect Life Savings and Pensions from Threats of Climate-Related Financial Risk.” Home equity comprises a major part of retirement savings, but many homes lay in regions under threat of flooding from climate change. Should this change our key retirement planning assumptions? Have we created retirement products with enough asset diversity to buffer critical sources of income from rising seas and hotter, more arid...

105 Keeping More Connected Seniors Safe show art 105 Keeping More Connected Seniors Safe

The Re/Imagine Podcast

Session 4: Risk Management “Keeping More Connected Seniors Safe” Prior to the pandemic, seniors proved to be the highest growing user segment for Facebook. As a result of the pandemic, they now know how to use a variety of video conference tools like Zoom and FaceTime. They search the Internet aggressively to learn more about our products than sometimes we do. How will this allow carriers to cultivate customers, agents, and advisors to serve more clients? Connect with the panelists: , Principal, Operational and Risk Solutions LLC , Sales Engineer, Learn more about Nassau...

104 Evolving Our Products In The Next Five Years show art 104 Evolving Our Products In The Next Five Years

The Re/Imagine Podcast

Nassau Re/Imagine Retiretech Forum Session 3: Product Innovation “How Will Key Product Categories Evolve over the Next Five Years?” Product innovation has only accelerated over the last five years. FIAs and RILAs have stormed to the center of most individual carrier’s product agendas. The SECURE Act has opened the doors for intense focus of companies hoping to redefine the role of annuities and 401(k). The pension risk transfer market has exploded as administrators seek efficient solutions for longstanding obligations. New software platforms open the door for synthetic solutions that...

103 Moving Service Functions from the Call Center to the App Store show art 103 Moving Service Functions from the Call Center to the App Store

The Re/Imagine Podcast

“Moving Service Functions from the Call Center to the App Store”We still primarily serve our customers in a business model defined by answering inbound phone calls, managing forms, and opening lock boxes. However, the entire world, including seniors, is rapidly shifting to an app economy. The AARP found that individuals over 50 dramatically increased their adoption of smartphones, tablets, and wearable devices during the pandemic. Today, 97% of individuals over the age of 50 report owning at least one primary digital device. How will expectations change for modes and hours of...

102 Starting Retirement Planning Discussions in an Increasingly Distracted World show art 102 Starting Retirement Planning Discussions in an Increasingly Distracted World

The Re/Imagine Podcast

Nassau Re/Imagine Retiretech Forum Panel 1: Sales & Marketing “Starting Retirement Planning Discussions in an Increasingly Distracted World” Retirement planning is a critical need for millions of Americans. However, it’s never been harder than it is today to start that important conversation. Call screening technology grows more sophisticated. Digital ad prices increase. Email open rates decline. Conflicting messages in the mainstream media cause doubt about the value of our core products. In addition, a growing stream of television ads threaten to create health care planning fatigue....

More Episodes

We recently attended the first Medicarian conference in Las Vegas. Jay Weintraub took the top Medicare Supplement conference and broadened it to include innovation. Innovation across the entire senior healthcare space. We interviewed a number of leaders on the event floor and pulled the recordings into three podcasts. Today, in part 2 of 3, we’ll explore innovation in customer creation. Recent regulations released by the CMS, privacy changes on social media platforms, and iOS changes have radically reshaped how we find, engage, and connect with seniors.

Richard Chan  
CEO at CoverRight
Big idea: Important to engage senior consumers at the start of their shopping experience, not just at point of purchase. 
Thomas Cutting
Big idea: Effectively converting leads requires a deeper understanding of how to activate each opportunity based on individual demographic data.
Verisk Marketing Solutions - Jornaya
Jeff Piotrowski
Market Leader, Insurance
Big idea: Not only do we need to be compliant, but we also need to understand who the lead actually is and what happens after they turn into a client.
Greg Salwitz
Chief Product Officer
Big idea: It’s time to move from a transactional to a relationship-based, member-centric model in the Med Supp market for better retention and satisfaction.
Joe Marino
Big idea: CMS compliance will dominate AEP lead generation this year. Seniors getting more tech-savvy.
Inspire Health Tech
Mark Seghers
CEO & Founder
Big idea: Seniors need a lot of help navigating a bewildering variety of health plans
Danny Greeson
Founder at eQuoto
Daryl Goldstein  
VP, Sales And Business Development
Big idea: Don’t waste agent time working with or speaking with low-intent leads.
Regal Voice
Katie Aprile
Account Executive at Regal Voice
Big idea: Agents should consider using a voice platform designed for B-C during this AEP season.
RGI Solutions
Bob Donnellan
VP of Sales & Marketing at RGI Solutions
Big idea: Take the risk out of AEP this year by working with a performance-based marketing agency.

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