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B4 (classic club songs from 80s and early 90s)

dj bigdirty's: night club musical

Release Date: 07/29/2022

Night Club Musical Act 100 show art Night Club Musical Act 100

dj bigdirty's: night club musical

1.  [00:00] Intro 2. [00:39] Franky Wah & Nihil Young feat Lauren L’aimant- How it Feels {Shen} 3. [04:50] Late Night Alumni- Wake Me Up (Myon X Kodyn Remix) {Ride} 4. [07:32] Marsh & Wassu feat Mariel Beausejour- Forgiveness {Anjunadeep} 5. [12:10] Jono Stephenson- I Can’t Save You {Impressum} 6. [16:32] Roody- Epic {Celestial} 7. [20:10] Korolova & MotherEarth feat Tyoz- Nightshapes {Captive Soul} 8. [24:28] Ambient Pino- Yes Yes (Melodic Techno Mix) {Pino} 9. [28:34] Who Else, Fuscarini & CARMEE feat UTOPIA- It’s a Fine Day (CARMEE Robots Remix) {Zef} 10....

Breakfast Club Musical 023 show art Breakfast Club Musical 023

dj bigdirty's: night club musical

1.  [00:00] Intro 2. [00:24] Tinlicker feat Nathan Nicholson - Always Will {Anjunadeep} 3. [05:30] anamē & Bien- Must Be Dreaming {Anjunabeats} 4. [09:27] 3LAU & XIRA- Tokyo (Le Youth Remix) {Aanjunabeats} 5. [13:21] Depeche Mode & Jessica Mazin- Never Let Me Down {Dramer Unofficial Remix) {White} 6. [18:18] Nadia Ali- Rapture (Plecta Remix) {White} 7. [22:28] Vintage Culture, Maverick Sabre & Tom Breu- Weak {Vintage Culture} 8. [26:33] deadmau5, Kaskade & Sofi Tukker feat Kx5- Sacrifice (ST Mix) {Arkade} 9. [28:54] Bound to Divide & Lewyn- Remember Me...

Night Club Musical Act 099- Fly By show art Night Club Musical Act 099- Fly By

dj bigdirty's: night club musical

1.  [00:00] Intro 2. [00:39] Vintage Culture with Coach Harrison- Hear You Calling {Vintage Culture} 3. [05:09] Disclosure & Eliza Doolittle- You & Me (Rivo Remix) {Geffen} 4. [09:53] Florence + The Machine- You’ve Got The Love (Sonny Noto Private Mix) {White} 5. [15:00] Meduza X Ferreck Dawn X Clemetine Douglas- I Got Nothing {Defected} 6. [19:17] Kaskade- On My Way {Arkade} 7. [24:25] Lufthaus- Ringo (Miss Monique Remix) {Armada} 8. [29:36] SeeMeNot- Deception (Hot Since 82 Remix) {Brainstream} 9. [34:12] Space Motion & Angel Sanchez feat Magnus- Moonlight (Space...

Night Club Musical Act 098 show art Night Club Musical Act 098

dj bigdirty's: night club musical

1.  [00:00] Intro 2. [00:37] Le Youth & EMME- Talking Like That {This Never Happened} 3. [04:19] Kaskade & Lauren L’aimant- Save Me {ARKADE} 4. [08:45] Madonna- Frozen (Arbey Gonzalez Bootleg) {White} 5. [13:49] Miss Monique & AVIRA feat LUNA- Subterranean {Armada} 6. [17:57] Marsh feat ALLKNIGHT- Everything {Major Recordings} 7. [22:22] Florence + The Machine- You’ve Got The Love (Mark Knight Remix) {Toolroom} 8. [28:06] Mau P- Drugs From Amsterdam {Island} 9. [31:43] CASSIMM- Love Desire {Golden} 10. [35:54] Chicane feat Moya Brennan (Ilan Bluestone Remix) {Armada}...

Breakfast Club Musical 022 show art Breakfast Club Musical 022

dj bigdirty's: night club musical

1.  [00:00] Intro 2. [00:24] DJ San & Sebastian Moore- In Your Eyes {Armada} 3. [03:35] Jody Wisternoff- Out of Reach (Anton Make Bootleg) {White} 4. [08:09] Dizharmonia- Esoterica {Songspire} 5. [13:00] Solid Stone & Jennifer Rene- Pushing Up {Coldharbour} 6. [17:48] Milkwish- North Beach {Statement!} 7. [22:28] Solanca & Joel Oliver- Seed {Songspire} 8. [26:25] Sound Quelle & Deeplowdog- I Can Take Your Pain Away {Monstercat} 9. [30:04] Trilucid- Calling {UV} 10. [34:14] Kamilo Sanclemente- Show Me the Stars {UV} 11. [39:42] Yotto & Booka Shade- Encounters...

Breakfast Club Musical 021 show art Breakfast Club Musical 021

dj bigdirty's: night club musical

1. [00:00] Intro 2. [00:24] Marsh feat Jodie Knight- Sleep (Alex O’Rion Remix) {Anjunadeep} 3. [04:37] LP Giobbi feat Caroline Byrne- Feels Just Like It (Joe Goddard Remix) {Counter} 4. [08:50] Backeer & Elline- On Repeat {Exx Underground} 5. [13:31] Marsh Feat Jodie Knight- Fragments (Dave DK Remix) {Anjunadeep} 6. [18:30] Foletto & Hoo- Make Me Feel {43 Degrees} 7. [23:19] Mike Suntower- Resonator {64K} 8. [26:26] Stan Kolev- Ardent {Outta Limits} 9. [30:35] Anyma & Delhia de France- Walking With A Ghost {Interscope} 10. [35:03] Franky Wah feat Rae Morris- Call My Name...

Night Club Musical Act 097: Sugar show art Night Club Musical Act 097: Sugar

dj bigdirty's: night club musical

  1.  [00:00] Intro 2. [00:36] Eli & Fur- Last Train (Christoph Remix) {Anjunadeep} 3. [04:14] Le Youth- About Us {Spinnin Deep} 4. [08:27] Space Motion & JES- Universe {Exit Soundscape} 5. [12:55] Olive- You’re Not Alone (PLN Remix) {White} 6. [17:24] Anyma, Cassian & Poppy Baskomb- Save Me {Afterlife} 7. [21:11] Fisher & Kita Alexander- Atmosphere {Catch & Release} 8. [25:50] ALESSA.A. & Mark Roma- Make You Mine {Armada} 9. [29:15] Dennis Sheperd, Joston & Clementine Douglas- When I’m Alone {Black Hole} 10. [33:20] Grum feat Natalie Shay-...

Breakfast Club Musical 020 show art Breakfast Club Musical 020

dj bigdirty's: night club musical

1.  [00:23] Intro 2. [00:37] Jack Trades- Lamai {Ride} 3. [02:42] AVÖ, Syon & QT-HIGH- Only You {Deep root Tribe} 4. [07:38] Sultan + Shepard & HRRTZ ft Liz Cass- Break Your Fall- {This Never Happened} 5. [12:17] Daben & Nash Volt- Never Like to Wait {Crossworlder} 6. [15:38] Paluma- Rapture (Kevin McKay ViP) {Glasgow} 7. [20:09] Estiva- Meant to Be {Colorize} 8. [24:30] Marsh feat Jodie Knight- Sleep (Wassu Remix) {Anjunadeep} 9. [29:37] TH;EN- Salvation {Purified} 10. [33:58] Space Motion- Epic Resurrection {Space Motion} 11. [38:54] Durante & HANA- Away Home...

Night Club Musical Act 096: Baked Goods show art Night Club Musical Act 096: Baked Goods

dj bigdirty's: night club musical

1.  [00:00] Intro 2. [00:37] Conjure One feat Sinéad O’Connor- Tears From the Moon (anamē Remix) {Anjunabeats} 3. [04:12] Bound To Divide & Lauren L’aimant- Tears {Colorize} 4. [08:04] Simon Doty feat Ruth Royall- Tattoo {Anjunadeep} 5. [11:38] John Summit & Hayla- Where You Are (Mike Saint-Jules Bootleg) {White} 6. [15:56] Anyma, Cassian & Poppy Baskcomb- Save Me {Afterlife} 7. [20:02] Space Motion- Lose Myself {Iconyc}  8. [23:24] Durante & HANA- Away Home {Anjunadeep} 9. [28:30] Eli & Fur- Where Do We Go From Here (Hugo Canterra Remix) {Anjunadeep}...

Night Club Musical Act 095: Feel the Love show art Night Club Musical Act 095: Feel the Love

dj bigdirty's: night club musical

Been feeling the love from watching Above & Beyond, so I'm going way up & yonder for this NCM episode.  Catch your breath.  1.  [00:00] Intro 2. [00:39] Amy Wiles & Leena Punks- Sweet Feeling {Anjunabeats} 3. [03:40] Above & Beyond press Tranquility Base- Surrender (Genix Remix) {Anjunabeats} 4. [06:53] Oceanlab vs Nalin & Kane- Sky Falls (Myon & Shane 54 Beachball Mashup) {White} 5. [11:44] Above & Beyond feat Zoë Johnston- No One On Earth (Gabriel & Dresden Remix- Above & Beyond Repsray) {Anjunabeats} 6. [18:07] Alex Sonata &...

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Before there was a DJ Bigdirty. The Classics Mix

“Where words fail, music speaks.”

1. [00:00] intro

2. [00:33] Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock- It Takes Two

3. [05:13] Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam- Let The Beat Hit ‘Em

4. [08:48] C&C Music Factory Feat Freedom Williams & Zelma Davis- Here we Go

5. [11:26] The Cover Girls- Show Me

6. [14:52] Sweet Sensation- Hooked On You

7. [18:30] Shannon- Let The Music Play

8. [21:15] Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam- Take Me Home

9. [26:20] Noel- Silent Morning

10. [27:56] Gino Latino- Welcome

11. [31:32] Lisette Melendez- Together Forever

12. [33:39] Information Society Vs AKA- What’s on Your Mind Cruel Loving (DJ Bigdirty Torment & Pain Mash-up)

13. [35:30] Yaz- Situation

14. [39:58] Depeche Mode- Strange Love

15. [45:47] The Beat Club- Security

16. [48:40] Freestyle- Don’t Stop The Rock

17. [50:36] Debbie Deb- When I Hear Music

18. [52:16] Debbie Deb- Lookout Weekend

19. [55:31] Trinere- I Know You Love Me

20. [58:09] Freestyle- The Party Has Begun

21. [01:00:42] Nice & Wild- Diamond Girl

22. [01:04:44] Will To Power- Say It’s Gonna Rain

23. [01:07:28] Johnny O- Fantasy Girl

24. [01:11:07] Stevie B- Dreaming Of Love

25. [01:13:29] Will To Power- Dreamin’

26. [01:15:43] Lil Suzy- Take Me In Your Arms

27. [01:18:05] Afrika Bambaataa & The Soul Sonic Force- Planet Rock

28. [01:21:54] Egyptian Lover- Egypt Egypt

29. [01:23:39] Maurice- This Is Acid

30. [01:26:06] Lil Louis- French Kiss

31. [01:28:54] Sir Mix A Lot- Baby Got Back

32. [01:34:08] Clay D & The get Funky Crew- Shake Them Ti**ies

33. [01:38:43] 2 Live Crew- Pop That P

34. [01:42:14] Kyper- Tic Tac Toe

35. [01:47:12] Kyper- (What Gets your Body Hyped) XTC

36. [01:50:08] Salt & Pepa- Push It

37. [01:56:14] Gilette- Short D**k Man

38. [01:57:44] New Order- Blue Monday

39. [02:02:50] Depeche Mode- I Just Can’t Get Enough

40. [02:05:21] Yaz- Don’t Go

41. [02:10:18] Duran Duran- Hungry Like The Wolf

42. [02:14:16] DJ X Vs The Outfield- Your Love

43. [02:16:16] The Cure- Just Like Heaven

“Where words fail, music speaks.”

There’s no such thing as a perfect story.  I’ve been trying to create it since the mixtape began.  It’s what keeps me creating.  A blank TDK cassette tape was my canvas.  Records were my tool.  Some of you were my inspiration. 

My parent’s got me my first duel turntables for Christmas during junior year of high school (1985).  One had pitch control & the other not so much. Trying to beat mix was an event, but looking back on it, it was practice man (Allen Iverson 200?).  There was hope though.  A new kid just moved across the street from Panama that knew how to properly beat mix.  Tim Huggins aka The Lonesome Cowboy had the equipment for the job.  This is where I got my first taste of real beat mixing.  After countless hours of trying to mix Madonna, Tears For Fears & Soul Sonic Force together I was getting there. Us and few other fellas used to battle for spinnin’ time during Youth Center dances.   While there I realized my niche’ was house/freestyle music not really hip-hop.  Back then hip hop was mainly drum beats and samples.  Freestyle and House had electronic swirls, melodies, samples, and disco meets a hard hip hop breakbeat, but faster.  At times I felt like I was floating/flying.

Then came my failed attempt at college.  But hey, the music was great!  In the Fall of ’87 I moved into a dorm room in Eddy Hall at ENMU (the only co-ed dorm on campus- cool).  I showed up with my music. By now in my mind I was a mixtape specialist.  But who has time for that when you’re out on your own for the first time? Eat. Sleep. Basketball. Party. Repeat. I lived on the 2nd floor and I remember consistently sticking my big ass speakers out the window so we’d have music to ball to and dance between games.  Every pickup game was a dance party. I landed a couple of gigs for some frats for free.  Hell, I DJ’d at a damn football stadium for a football game.  What a time to be alive!  I just loved DJing and discovering what I could do with all this music I had. I must give credit to music for all the people I met.  I was social, but not as much as music helped me.  

By Fall ’88 all that music, mixtape business and partying led me to one of the best decisions of my life. I joined the Air Force. My first assignment was Keesler AFB, Mississippi.  Once again I found myself on the 2nd floor of the dorms.  I was making mixtapes for late night work shifts, room parties & car rides.  We all used to go Fiesta or Take Two nightclubs on the beach.  I wasn’t just there to dance, but I was checking out what the DJ’s were playing and then going to the record store the next payday and picking up those tracks. I probably drove the DJs crazy asking for the name of the track they were playing. This also included a bunch of people loading into a car go to New Orleans almost every payday weekend and heading to The Blue Crystal- an industrial, goth, alternative club.  We’d wear all black and do a million stupid things in the streets of New Orleans or go to the nightclub in Jax Brewery. Dancing until 4 & 5 in the morning. I was always so curious about what the DJ was gonna play in a big city.  So many discoveries in those joints.  Just trying to expand my musical taste and what would make the perfect mix.

Since then, I learned tempo & keys by ear of all this stuff I was listening to. There was so much more to making a mixtape. This mix has been put off for years.  It’s truly hard to capture a snapshot of not just my life but those around you during our huge transition(s). I don’t like letting people down, so that fear of failure put this “mixtape” off for years.  This mix isn’t just about me but for the people that lived it. It incorporates the people I met during those times before I was a club DJ (it took me took til 1997 after giving up around 1993).  I hope it takes you back.

As with every mix I hope it tells a story. Music does most of my talking.  It’s not perfect, but is anything.  Enjoy…