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Innersexions: "Art is This Wildly Dangerous Thing! The Place of Art in a Life of Faith" with actor and scholar Ronn Johnstone

innersexions's podcast

Release Date: 11/14/2013

Ronn Johnstone, Chair of the Theatre Department at Anderson University in Indiana, and professional actor, takes us into the world of Plato, Dickens, "Bagger Vance", Dante, Spielberg, "Lars and the Real Girl" and much, much more to examine the questions such as, "Why does art matter?", "What's the connection between news and entertainment?", "Christian versus Secular - is that even a thing?".  We'll explore the hermeneutics of suspicion, the grammar of creativity, sh$tmonsters, bazookas and ooooooodles more.  It's an intellectual romp not to be missed.

Heads up - we had a few blips in the Skype call, so you'll hear a few hiccups.