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Introduction To The Show - The Future Starts Now

The Future Starts Now

Release Date: 07/20/2023

Welcome to "The Future Starts Now," a podcast I created as a roadmap for everyone who wants to dive headfirst into the future, equipped with clear goals and the strategies to achieve them. My journey as the founder of a few companies - both successful, as well as failures, has taught me lessons that I share in this podcast.

I want to show you how envisioning the future isn't just about daydreams, it's about crafting concrete, actionable plans.

On this podcast, we'll be going on a shared journey, examining how to build visions, set goals, and put in place a practical framework for realizing those ambitions. 

From creating long-term visions to devising mid-term plans and, finally, nailing down short-term (90-day) action items, we'll break down the process into understandable, achievable steps.

Rather than focusing on broad philosophical notions, I want to provide a toolkit that will enable you to envision your personal and professional future with clarity. 

Drawing from my own experiences and those of my guests, we'll cover a wide range of topics and share real-life stories, mishaps, and triumphs.

Every episode is packed with action items and challenges to keep you engaged and drive you to implement what you've learned in real-time. 

Whether you're an entrepreneur on the verge of starting your journey or a professional seeking growth, or simply someone who wants to take control of their future, this podcast is for you. 

Let's get practical, let's get hands-on, and let's embrace the future because remember, the future starts now.