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Takeo Sugihara and AMERICAN POP

10 Minutes About Your Favorite Movie

Release Date: 04/29/2014

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Takeo Sugihara was born in the Bronx but raised in the diverse cosmopolitan community of Montclair in eclectic Northern New Jersey. Professionally he is a Reference Librarian/IT Manager. He loves movies, though not as much as Rob, and particularly animated films and science fiction. He also loves music and at times subjects people at various Open Mics to his performances. He also loves computers, technology and real science. Most of all, he loves the community that all the aforementioned things continue to bring him. Lastly, he loves his friends and family who continue to not only make life bearable but worthwhile…even if he doesn’t always show it.

Can ya smoke it? Can ya drink it? Can ya lie in it? Then lie in it with me. From Rob's childhood home in Montclair, New Jersey, we talk about Ralph Bakshi's 1981 animated adult feature "American Pop." You're the prize in my box. And my box is this country. It's all tinfoil on the outside. Corn and sweetness on the inside.

Host Rob Matsushita is a playwright, author, and filmmaker. You can learn more about his work at IverPictures.com.

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