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157: Planning for a Long Trip Tips

Tips For Travellers

Release Date: 10/06/2014

Gary Bembridge of Tips for Travellers shares observations, tips and advice for planning a long trip.

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This show covers nine key tips covering:

1: Planning is everything
In advance - jot notes of things that happen like costs, events, meter readings, alarm servicing - use to do to do list and also manual if having house sitters
Resources like Jeff Jung's Careerbreaksecrets or CBTravelers Handbook

2: Be Passport Ready
Ensure is valid
Enough empty pages
Visas and ESTA

3: Be Medically ready
Prescriptions - check issues on taking into countries
Euro medical card
First aid kit

4: Insurance
Travel insurance - annual may not cover - 60 days and less issue
Home insurance - check paid up - advise and see if any restrictions

5: Prepare for the worst
Back-up of key documents - paper copy - email yourself - email set to a friend
Detailed itinerary and how to contact at various stages if need to friends and family - including how they contact each other

6: Be Security Conscious
House sitters - TrustedHouseSitters.com - develop manual
Regular checks - insurance may require these
Foreign Office advice

7: Notify Key Services
Bank / Credit Cards
Mobile Phone - unlock phone

8: Ensure you don't drop balls
Regular costs covered and scheduled via Direct Debit or by setting up payments ahead of time
Housesitters or friends to check mail and alert you about bills or important looking mail
ID to collect post or parcels
Check if things run out while away like car tax, subscriptions , MOT

9: Prepare to enjoy
Guidebooks like DK Eyewitness Travel Guides - electronic versions or books
Wikipedia print outs or email
Daily budget and track