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Steve Jobs: Jobs / iSteve / Pirates of Silicon Valley

The Soylent GreenScreen Podcast

Release Date: 07/28/2014

In this episode Michelle introduces Wayne, Darkest-Timeline Justin and High-Fibre Justin to the life and times of #SteveJobs, #SteveWozniak, #JohnScully, #BillGates and the rest of the guys that defined our marketing and technology inspired culture with #IBM, #Macintosh and The #PepsiChallenge through a discussion of three movies about Steve Jobs. These three films are the recent #AshtonKutcher starring theatrical feature, #Jobs (2013), the first feature length #FunnyOrDie movie #iSteve (2013) starring #JustinLong as Steve Jobs and #JorgeGarcia as Steve Wozniak and lastly, the surprisingly decent tv movie #PiratesOfSiliconValley (1999) starring #NoahWyle as Steve Jobs and #AnthonyMichaelHall as Bill Gates. 

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Justin Long and Jorge Garcia

Justin Long iSteve




Ashton Kutcher in JobsAshton Kutcher

Noah Wyle and Anthony Michael Hall in Pirates of Silicon Valley