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Ep. 49 - White Bird In A Blizzard (The Burning Plain vs. Winter's Bone)

War Machine vs. War Horse

Release Date: 10/09/2014

WHITE BIRD IN A BLIZZARD inspires us to go on the search with three different daughters in search of their missing parent. In 2009's THE BURNING PLAIN, Jennifer Lawrence becomes suspicious of her mother's activities away from the family and discovers an affair that will affect the rest of her life, while on a much smaller scale we once again see Jennifer Lawrence in WINTER'S BONE, searching for her missing father, whose absence from appearing in court will cause her family to lose their home. Shailene Woodley keeps the episode from becoming a J-Law trifecta, but unfortunately she can not stop the lack of men's hair on film to discuss in this episode.

GUEST: Britt from Eclectic Pop joins us to discuss rewatchability in films, and how WINTER'S BONE is not a cinematic world she wants to visit often.