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Rambo: First Blood (1982) / Rambo (2008)

The Soylent GreenScreen Podcast

Release Date: 11/11/2014

In the latest episode of The Soylent GreenScreen Podcast Wayne, Michelle and The Justins take on #Rambo to discuss whether these are silly action films or if there is something else going within this character. 

We cover the usage of #PostVietmanAmerica and whether #FirstBlood is an #anti-war film, the #Frankenstein themes, whether the sheriff was right to want Rambo to leave, and the importance of #ColonelTrautman. We also compare First Blood to #TheIncredibleHulk TV series.

In the second half we examine the most recent 2008 Rambo film, simply titled, Rambo. This was the first Rambo film to be directed by #SylvesterStallone. In this part of the episode we discuss the excessive violence, the usage of the #BurmeseGenocide and how this film shed some light on a clonflict that had been largely ignored in the west. We also discuss how #Stallone was able to cast genuine #FreedomFighters in this film, why this film was banned in certain countries.

We also examine the series in general and how Rambo was trapped within the #franchisemachinery of the #1980s. 

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