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Ghostbusters: 30th Anniversary

The Soylent GreenScreen Podcast

Release Date: 10/26/2014

Continuing our retrospective episodes on classic horror and supernatural films for 2014 we rewatched and studied up on Ghostbusters to provide our listeners with some deeper insights into this transgenerational cult classic. Throughout this episode we examine the development of Ghostbusters and the journey #DanAykroyd went through in bringing this to the screen. We also discuss the future of ghostbusters as a franchise, the #RealGhostbusters animated series, some trivia such as the ironic twist of the voice of #Venkman in the cartoon being the same guy who voiced #Garfield. We also touch upon the loss of #HaroldRamis, Dan Aykroyd's obsessions, #BillMurray's refusal to return to the series and what went wrong with #Ghostbusters2. 

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