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Ferguson, Missouri vs. Apartheid South Africa: Best-selling author and survivor of apartheid Mark Mathabane, Mr. Jeff Dess & Topher Keene discuss race, love and what's next

The Jake Sasseville Show

Release Date: 11/25/2014

Ferguson, Missouri vs. Apartheid, South Africa: Best-selling author + survivor of apartheid Mark Mathabane exclusively joins Jake, professor and author of "Deconstructing Ratchet" Mr. Jeff Dess and producer Topher Keene for this heartfelt and in-depth conversation around the parallels of the oppressive regime of Apartheid and the non-indictment decision of the Grand Jury in Ferguson. 

In this episode which is a powerful expression of our collective humanity, Mark speaks candidly about the parallels, brute and unaccountable force by police in charge, what he learned from Nelson Mandela (who he lived one block away from Mark in the ghettos of Alexandra, South Africa) about solving the racial divide and why it's imperative as a collective humanity that we have this discussion now, instead of accepting what media feeds us. We must open our hearts firstly, and have compassion for those who have wronged us, secondly. 

Mr. Jeff Dess and Topher Keene weigh in on student reactions, the "What can we actually do" helpless feeling and shifting how we see those who trespass us. 

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The Jake Sasseville Show was produced by Jake Sasseville, Topher Keene and Mr. Jeff Dess. Special thanks to Mark Mathabane.