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Ethan Bloch on his Silicon Valley cash out of $4.5 million, his obsession with Warren Buffet and the historical trends of money and finance.

The Jake Sasseville Show

Release Date: 01/12/2015

Silicon Valley entrepreneur and Baltimore native Ethan Bloch sold his first company for $4.5 million. While he expected that he could only be happy once he hit his first billion, he quickly realized it wasn't about the amount of money at all. Jake and Ethan are old, old friends. 

At 28, Ethan is married with a kid. Jake doesn't understand finance much, so they dig in. Ethan talks Warren Buffet, principles of human beings behind startup companies, his first exploration into the stock market, Bitcoin, the history of banking and more. Finance made palatable.  

The "Slightly Above Average" Panel includes James, Jake, Max and Kodi and the crew discusses the new NAS documentary on Showtime. 

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