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Using Facebook in Your Real Estate Business with Lester Kravitz

The Boston Real Estate Journal - Real Estate Investing, Sales & Economics

Release Date: 02/19/2015

On tonite's podcast, we will be joined by Lester Kravitz from Kravitz Realtors.  Lester will be giving us some tips and tricks on how he has used social media to his advantage in his real estate business and how you can do the same.  

Lester has been in the business for over 30 years and we will also be discussing how marketing to consumers has changed since he first got started in the business.  

Ever wonder why most real estate agent websites(or any websites for that matter) have a Facebook icon in the corner and the little thumb, asking you to "Like" them?

The reason is simple: nowadays everyone is glued to social media 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  Social media occupies the brain share that TV commercials occupied 15-20 years ago.  

The best real estate websites(or just websites in general) have multiple streams of social media that allow their target market to connect with them wherever they are whenever they want to.  This allows the user to stay in touch with a real estate professional nearly any time, day or night.

This doesn’t mean that you need to be available at all hours of the day, especially if you use Facebook and other forms of social media correctly. 

Some quick examples of using Facebook to promote your personal brand include:

 - Answering real estate questions from your target audience

 - As part of a real estate marketing plan to get a new listing to stand out from the crowd and create additional buyer  interest

 - For real estate marketing products, such as virtual walkthroughs

 - As a form of real estate lead generation using paid facebook ads

 - And more!

Find out how adding Facebook can help you become one of the top real estate companies and build your network on a daily basis. If you want to have successful real estate career, you need to not only embrace social media, but you need to also put it to good use for you.  

Check out this latest podcast for answers to all of the above.