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Video - Master Hypnotic Persuasion: "You probably already know ..."

The Brain Garage Podcast

Release Date: 02/22/2015


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Master Hypnotic Persuasion presents 60 language patterns that will help you master your emotions, become a dynamic thinker and influence others - helping you create a better life - simply, by adopting proven methods of optimistic thought and solution-oriented speech.

Today's language pattern is: "You probably already know ..."

Practice this language pattern along with the rest from the course, and you will find your internal dialogue shift, leading you to feel better and take more dynamic action - which in turn will make you more persuasive, naturally and without manipulation - you will simply "be" persuasive.

The Master Hypnotic Persuasion Course includes 3 components that will help you master the precise language patterns designed to make you more persuasive from the inside out:

- An online, interactive course with text, audio and daily worksheets.

- The 60-day email sequence

- The complete 67-page PDF

You can purchase the Master Hypnotic Persuasion Course here.