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185: Cruiseable - Tips For Travellers Podcast 185

Tips For Travellers

Release Date: 04/27/2015

5 Ways A European Hotel Barge Cruise Is Better Than A River Cruise show art 5 Ways A European Hotel Barge Cruise Is Better Than A River Cruise

Tips For Travellers

Is a hotel barge cruise better than a river cruise in Europe? I explore 5 times, and types of travellers, where a European barge hotel cruise is likely to be the best way to cruise through Europe. River cruising in Europe has become very popular, but less travellers know there is an alternative way to cruise the European Waterways - hotel barges that cruise the canals and rivers of Europe. Discover if they are a better option for your European vacation

6 Things You Can Get Free On A Cruise (By Asking) show art 6 Things You Can Get Free On A Cruise (By Asking)

Tips For Travellers

How can you get free things on your next cruise, and get much more bang for your cruising bucks? I discuss the 6 main areas of cruise freebies that are available, if you go and ask for them or seek them out. They are not things that cruise brochures and websites usually reveal, or talk about. I tell you the things to focus on and how to get as many free things as you possibly can, including drinks, special food, gifts, spa treatments, better and improved cabins and more.

6 Best European River Cruise Lines show art 6 Best European River Cruise Lines

Tips For Travellers

What are the best European river cruise lines? I discuss the 6, based on my numerous river cruises through Europe that I recommend that you consider for your first or next river cruise in Europe. I review and discuss lines ranging from premium to more value, and those in between. These are the 6 best river cruise lines to consider. Which one sounds right and best for you?

9 Biggest Pros and Cons Of Cruising To Iceland show art 9 Biggest Pros and Cons Of Cruising To Iceland

Tips For Travellers

Should you cruise to Iceland? If you want to visit Iceland what are the pros and cons of cruising over doing a land-based visit. There are many good things about taking a cruise, and I explore the 6 best pros of cruising to Iceland before looking at the 3 top things you need to consider that may make a land-based trip a better option for you.

More Episodes

In this episode I talk to JD Lasica, the founder of a new cruise site and app that is aiming to shake up and improve the way travellers can get inspiration, advice and book the right cruise at the best price. It is a site that I am involved in as a content contributor.

In the show we talk about topics tha include:

  • JD's background and what inspired him the create Cruiseable.
  • What it is, and how it is different from the alternative cruise sites avilable to travellers.
  • The people and cruise experts behind the content.
  • The key features of Cruiseable, including community, image library, "Bliss Filters" and the "Ask Any Questions"
  • How you can find and book a cruise through the site and App.
  • JD's tips for cruisers.

You can read more about Cruiseable in my article "Cruiseable. A New Way To Discover And Book Cruises".

Find out more and followat Cruiseable.comCruiseable IOS App, Facebook and Twitter. JD is also on Twitter.