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114 JANINE FRANCOLINI: "Brain Health"

BOLD | Inspiring interviews with provocative people| Hosted by Emmy winner LeGrande Green

Release Date: 04/09/2015

The Alpine tragedy of the Germanwings crash stunned the world, a mass murder/suicide deliberately caused by co-pilot Andreas Lubitz. Today on BOLD, we dive deeper into the stigma surrounding mental illness with Flawless Foundation founder Janine Francolini. She’s the author of a controversial Huffington Post blog about this subject “The Sky Was Black…My Breath Was Steady”




“It's time for us to accept that this outwardly healthy ‘boy next door’ co-pilot from a quaint village in Germany could be our son, our next door neighbor, our father–he could even be us.”




A champion for mental health advocacy, Janine’s work focuses on celebrating the perfection in all. “Let’s use this opportunity to heal our perceptions and language around brain-based challenges.“ Janine’s site is www.flawlessfoundation.org. Join the conversation at www.getboldtoday.com