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Internet Lead Generation Systems with Bob McTague

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Release Date: 05/12/2015

"The Leads Are Weak!" is the famous quote in the real estate movie Glengarry Glen Ross.  This movie was made in 1992, but when I watch the clips and hear this phrase, what I think about is internet leads.  Internet leads web portals such as trulia, zillow, are oftentimes quickly dismissed as "bad leads".  You've hear it before:


1.  The lead is non-responsive

2.  They aren't seriously interested in buying or selling

3.  They put in the wrong contact information


Yet, with all of these criticisms there are thousands of agents nationwide making a killing from internet leads.  On this podcast, we will be discussing what differentiates those who give up on internet leads and those whose business thrive on them.  

Tonite we will be joined by Bob McTague from Realty USA to discuss the systems that he uses in his business to get the most out of every lead and how you can too.