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Creating & Promoting Social Media Content w/ John Crossman

The Boston Real Estate Journal - Real Estate Investing, Sales & Economics

Release Date: 05/12/2015

Social media is a huge buzz word in the real estate business.  Many of us have a general understanding of what it is but many of us don't have a strategy in place to use it to take our business to the next level.

We will be joined by someone tonite who has done just that: John Crossman, President of Crossman & Company.  John will be discussing:

1.  Why he has made a big push towards marketing through social media platforms in the past few years.

2.  His personal recommendations on what type of content to create

3.  The system that he utilizes to keep his social media accounts up to date(even if he ins't around to update them)

4.  And how to promote your social media content after you have created it(specifically how he got over 10,000 views on his most recent youtube video post.