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Real Estate Insurance: How To Ensure You Are Protected without Overpaying w/ Andrew Nazzaro

The Boston Real Estate Journal - Real Estate Investing, Sales & Economics

Release Date: 05/13/2015

When it comes to the topic of insurance, there are a lot of mixed opinions and emotions. When you are paying the premium, you feel like you are throwing your money out the window. When you put in a claim, you are incredibly thankful and oftentimes wish you had more coverage. I always felt like insurance was a complete waste of money, until I put in my first claim: on a two alarm fire on a property we had just finished renovating: http://patch.com/massachusetts/malden/pre-dawn-fire-strikes-williams-street-home.

After that fire, I never looked at insurance the same way again. Tonite, we will be joined in studio by Andrew Nazzaro of KW Insurance agency to discuss:

1. How to know if you are fully protected: like I mentioned above, I never thought I would be putting a major claim in on an insurance policy. I can't even imagine what would have happen if we weren't fully protected. 2. How to know that you aren't overprotected with unnecessary and costly coverage: it is just as easy to be overprotected as under protected. You want to make sure you have the right amount of coverage so that you aren't at risk of loss, but on the flip side you don't want to overpay for things that aren't a big risk. 3. Ways to reduce your overall insurance cost without increasing your risk profile

4. Flood Insurance: how to tell if you need it, the cost when you do need it and how needing flood insurance can change the comps on a property

5. Vacant Property Insurance: something that first time flippers don't always think about. We will be discussing how this is different from a typical insurance policy.

6. Any questions that our in studio guests might have.