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Getting Started In Real Estate Investing: Wholesaling Real Estate For Quick Cash

The Boston Real Estate Journal - Real Estate Investing, Sales & Economics

Release Date: 05/26/2015

So You:

a. Just read a real estate investing book 
b. Attended your first seminar 
c. Watched a late night infomercial 
d. Listened to a webinar

And You:

a. Were told real estate is the fastest way to make money 
b. Are convinced that you will be able to leave the job that you hate within the next 2 weeks 
c. Thought about or have already paid $20,000 for a coaching program

But You:

a. Don't know what to do next 
b. Were told by someone that it would never work 
c. Are losing your confidence rapidly

Don't be embarrassed. Every person that got into real estate that wasn't hand held by a family member and grew up in the business started out the same way. 90 percent or more of those who have gotten excited about real estate never ended up even trying. Thinking big, attracting money, and being in control of your own destiny sound good, especially when a polished salesperson is the one painting the picture. The reality is: Real Estate is a business and it is hard work. The only people who will tell you otherwise are trying to sell you something(seminar, a coaching program, a book, a subscription). That's the bad news.

The good news is that there are a ton of easy steps that you can take in order to start moving in the right direction without doing anything drastic. And, if you put in the work, the results will come. On this webinar, Tom Cafarella of Ocean City Development, will discuss:

1. Why real estate is the toughest industry to get into 
2. How it can be the best industry to be in once you have momentum 
3. Steps that you can take this week to start your real estate career 
4. The basics of wholesaling

5.  Our training program that allows you inside access to our exact marketing programs that you can use to find deals to wholesale

Tom is a principle of Ocean City Development and is head of acquisitions for the company. Tom has been on the front lines of Ocean City Development's team, and has helped his team to acquire over 34 properties in the past 6 months including both fix and flip and buy and hold transactions.