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How a To-Do List Led to Google as a Client

Clients From Hell Podcast

Release Date: 07/23/2015

Illustrator Alex Mathers has worked with Google, Sony, and Wired. In this episode, he discusses his “Client Hit List” and how that list is the key to so much of his success.

Alex runs a site for helping illustrators and other creatives to market themselves, called Red Lemon Club. He also runs an illustration platform called Ape on the Moon.

If you’re an illustrator intrigued by what Alex has to say, he just wrote a new book called How to Get Illustration Clients.

Having trouble finding clients? If this episode interested you – particularly, the ideas about how to get dreamy new clients – check out our previous webinar with Jake Jorgovan, where we discuss how Jake gets clients as a designer. He has a new service that handles your outbound marketing for you at Outbound Creative.

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