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PPT0014 Coaching Time with Jim Adkins

Pastured Poultry Talk

Release Date: 07/31/2015

In part 2 of Mike's interview with Jim Adkins of the Sustainable Poultry Network, we talk about:

  • The need to always selectively breed
  • A spiral mating system using two groups of breeders
  • Linebreeding is the best way to produce good poultry, but there are some things to avoid
  • Farming with modern commercial (hybrid) birds alongside standard-bred birds
  • "We're blazing a new trail the old way, and it's gonna take some time," says Jim
  • Marketing the standard-bred and heritage birds


Why everyone should consider eating standard-bred slow growing poultry

SPN breeder network. Pastured Poultry Talk cohost Grady Phelan has a certified flock of Delaware chickens (#77)

SPN national conferences

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