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Ilise Benun on The Importance of Finding and Establishing your Niche

Clients From Hell Podcast

Release Date: 08/04/2015

Here's this webinar's accompanying presentation. 

Ilise Benun is a national speaker and founder of Marketing-Mentor.com. She's also the author of seven books for the creatively self-employed, including The Designer's Guide to Marketing & Pricing.

In this hour-long webinar episode, Ilise explains how freelancers can establish a speciality niche within their respective field or craft -- and why that matters so much.

Also discussed: how to pronounce "niche".

CFH listeners get 10% off Ilise Benun's Pick a Niche Kit (or anything else!) in the Marketing Mentor Shop with “CFHDISCOUNT”. Ilise also offers an online course, Command the Fees You Deserve. You can sign up for her quick tips here.

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