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MWD 015: Marilyn E. Porter: Stop Giving Your Gift Away

Moms with Dreams Show

Release Date: 08/24/2015

Marilyn Porter, affectionately known as M.E. Porter, stands gracefully in the world as a woman called to a divine purpose.  She is a mother, a minister, a teacher, a dynamic speaker and so much more. As an entrepreneur, M.E. is the founder of Marilyn Elizabeth Unlimited, LLC (ME Unlimited).  

M.E. is anointed to empower and propel others forward in their life journey by giving them the guidance that she didn’t have. She helps transform lives, and lift women where they stand. Together, they stamp out chaos, confusion and stagnation.  The result is the alignment of words, actions and spirit.

In this interview, M.E. openly shares her experiences and the process she went through to transform her calling into a successful business. In the beginning it was very chaotic, but M.E. had wisdom and knew that there were women who needed her experiences to serve as a roadmap for their lives.