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Close Reads #8: Jayber Crow Chapters 7-9

CiRCE Institute Podcast Network

Release Date: 09/30/2015

Close Reads is a new book club podcast from the CiRCE Institute Podcast Network featuring Angelina Stanford and Tim McIntosh, who join host, David Kern, to discuss Great Books and the authors who create them. 

Here in episode 7 they continue their ongoing discussion of Wendell Berry's Jayber Crow. This time they discuss chapters 7-9. 

As promised, here is the link to our reading and recording schedule for our Jayber Crowdiscussions. We hope you'll read along with us!


This episode is brought to you by our dear friend Professor Carol whose Circle of Scholars offers online courses in music and the fine arts (all of which CiRCE listeners can access for free for 90 days here).