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#12 Season 4 Episode 4

Nashville Rewind

Release Date: 10/18/2015

The Slender Thread That Binds Us Here is discussed.  Deacon is still upset with Scarlet's decision to end her mother's life support.  Deacon breaks down at the funeral but Rayna comes to his rescue.  Zoey comes back to town to sing!  Juliette develops a serious problem while trying to cope with an embedded reporter in her life.  Avery is hopeful and happy he has Emily to help out. (although the paparazzi makes more of it).  Will sees progress.   Markus comes to town and is promptly invited to the place where they filmed HEE HAW!  Layla gets a big night at the Opry!  Markus ruins her big moment. Maddie sees the real Deacon.  Lindsay doesn't take a proper message.  Avery gives up hope. Jeff connects with Laya(in public). Deacon gets no solace and thinks Scarlet gave up on poor Beverly.


Music:  Take my Hand Precious Lord---Zoey

           Mess Worth Making----Layla

           I want to (do everything for you)----Rayna with Markus

           Count on me-----------Gunnar