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Episode 21: Steam Works And Duel Lists

Docking Bay 94 The Board Game Reviewers Podcast

Release Date: 11/06/2015

Welcome back to another installment of Docking Bay 94 Board Game Reviewers Podcast. This week, Tessa is back in our virtual studio to discuss her latest game for the family, Duel List.

We also do our usual round up of Kickstarter games, and proceed to review Tasty Minstrel Games Steam Works!

Kickstarter Projects:

Dragon's Lair: The Movie, Manasurge, Tiny Epic Galaxies, Mint Tin Mini Apocalypse, Super Dungeon Explore, Space Movers: The Story Continues

Board Games Mentioned:

Macao, Duel List, Kingpins, La Granja, Gold West, Cthulhu Realms, Isle of Sky, Five Tribes, Steam Works

Important Links:

Tessa's blog Boardgameduel.com

Tessa's game Duel List

Talon Strikes Facebook Page Link

Docking Bay 94 Podcast Page Link

Jason Hancock's Twitter