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021 Indie Talk: Gary Chudleigh and Sha Nazir **Talking Plagued and BHP**

365Flicks Podcast

Release Date: 11/06/2015

Aaron Goodmiller - Left Fingers **IndieGoGo Campaign** show art Aaron Goodmiller - Left Fingers **IndieGoGo Campaign**

365Flicks Podcast

Aaron Goodmiller finally makes an official appearence on 365 to talk about his upcoming movie Left Fingers... A movie centered around the world of Geo-Caching. The movie has been shot, it is done, now the guys are looking for finishing funds so please head over to there IndieGogo page and give them some love. It was a blast finally having Aaron on the show...

Nerdly Out Loud... Jesse V Johnson show art Nerdly Out Loud... Jesse V Johnson

365Flicks Podcast

A new Episode on the 365Flicks feed which serves as a bit of a Back door Pilot for a show he will be producing for Nerdly.Co.Uk. Thats right Commander and Chief Phil Wheat has sanctioned a Nerdly Podcast and Kevin iis going to run with it. The format is as it sounds, we are bringing the website to your ears, so each episode we will be reading and contibuting our thoughts to Reviews of all the latest Movie, Tv and Pop Culture reviews from the world of Nerdly. The main feature of these shows will be awesome Interviews from Directors, Producers and people at all levels of the Independent film...

Ross Boyask - I Am Vengenace Retaliation, Ten Dead Men **Director/Writer** show art Ross Boyask - I Am Vengenace Retaliation, Ten Dead Men **Director/Writer**

365Flicks Podcast

Kev sits down to chat with Ross Boyask about his newly released I Am Vengance Retaliation which dropped on streaming platforms on the 13th of July and we love it.  I Am Vengenace Retaliation stars WWE star Stu Bennet as John Gold a mercenary for hire and this time he is tasked to bring in Teague played by Vinnie Jones. Things quickly go south as they are being tracked by enemies on both sides in this cracking Punchy Kicky Shooty Genre flick. Ross has had a cracking career starting way back in 95 and Kev had a blast chatting up a storm about his career and many of the people he has been...

Giles Alderson - The Dare, Arthur and Merlin: Knights of Camelot **Director/Writer/Actor** show art Giles Alderson - The Dare, Arthur and Merlin: Knights of Camelot **Director/Writer/Actor**

365Flicks Podcast

Kev is joined this week by Giles Alderson of the Film Makers Podcast, A fellow Nerdly.co.uk Podcast and just an all round throughly bloody nice bloke. Giles is on the show to chat up a storm with Kevin about his now completed and released (in the US for now) The Dare and his upcoming release of Arthur and Merlin on DVD and VOD. Which is awesome. they also shoot the breeze about Giles very own Podcast the film makers podcast. is released 13th of July please do check it out on all goo streaming platforms and on DVD. is currently in the US but drops in he UK this October/November. Check out the...

Paul Biddiss - 1917, Strike Back, Gangs of London **Military Technical Advisor** show art Paul Biddiss - 1917, Strike Back, Gangs of London **Military Technical Advisor**

365Flicks Podcast

We sit down for this Indie Talk to chat with Military Technical Advisor Paul Biddiss.  Paul is one of the go to Guys withing the movie Industry and has been a driving force behind the scenes on such films as 1917, Tolkien, Murder on the Orient Express, Justice League, Wonder Woman 84, Transformers: The Last Knight, Jason Bourne and more... However that is just Movies, he has also been prolific on the Tv with shows like Gangs of London, Pennyworth, War and Peace, The Crown, Taboo, Catherine the Great and many more.... Paul got his start after 24 years of service in the forces after a...

Michael Elkin - Break, Wee Man **Actor/Writer/Director** show art Michael Elkin - Break, Wee Man **Actor/Writer/Director**

365Flicks Podcast

On this episode of Indie Talk we are joined by Actor/ Writer/ Director Michael Elkin who is on the show to chat with us about his directorial debut Break. A Flick that was due to be released right when the Pandemic hit and has meant having to delay release in favour of still having a cinema release. However as always we get into it all with Michael including how he got his start as an actor at such a late stage and progressed through his career working with the like of Eddie Marsan and Martin Compston. Right up to now where he is gearing up to release his first feature starring up and coming...

Shakespeare Sisters - Soundtrack To Sixteen **Writer/Directors** show art Shakespeare Sisters - Soundtrack To Sixteen **Writer/Directors**

365Flicks Podcast

Indie Talk is back again with a Lockdown special and this time we are chatting to Soundtrack to Sixteen Writer/Directors The Shakespear Sisters. Dom Lenoir also jumps on the chat as he and his company have been helping promte and get the flick out there too. A brilliant episode with some great creators that for my money have smashed it first time out the gate...

Jude Poyer - Gangs Of London, Ip Man 4, Apostle, Kingsman **Stunt Coordinator/ Chreographer** show art Jude Poyer - Gangs Of London, Ip Man 4, Apostle, Kingsman **Stunt Coordinator/ Chreographer**

365Flicks Podcast

This is easily one of my proudest Indie Talks... Kev sits down with Jude Poyer one of the guys who makes all the bells and whistles on the big and small screen work. Jude is a Stunt Coordinator/ Performer/ Cheroegrapher for some of your favourite flicks spanning all the way back to the late 80s. Working with the likes of Jet Li, Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung, Donnie Yen and many many more. We dive way back to when he decided to move over to Hong Kong at 18 in an effort to break into the action scene and has never looked back working on films like... Knock Off, The Medallion, Ultraviolet, Top Dog,...

Spencer Collings  *Stunt Coordinator*... The Ascent (FKA Stairs)... Release 12/06/20 show art Spencer Collings *Stunt Coordinator*... The Ascent (FKA Stairs)... Release 12/06/20

365Flicks Podcast

We jump in the booth with Spencer Collings... a Stunt coordinator and military advisor to talk about Tom Paton Flick The Ascent which is out today having it’s premiere on VR... we also chat about his time on shows like Pennyworth, Strike Back and Gangs of London.

The 2020 Edition... Snyder Cut BayBee... #SnydersNameOffWhedonCut show art The 2020 Edition... Snyder Cut BayBee... #SnydersNameOffWhedonCut

365Flicks Podcast

The lads are back with a 3 and a half hour epic... Well its been a minute.  After our world class intro we dive into the News that has caught our eye including the realease of the Snyder cut baybee Just the pilot is Stephen Graham and Daniel Mays show Code 404... Then its what have we been watching.. Including Space Force... Becky... Inheritance... The Invisible Man... Mythic Quest... The Epstein Documnetary and much much more We revisted 1997s Wishmaster for a golly good scare Our Top5 is insprational motivational speeches in film and tv.

More Episodes

In a sort of Coming of Age episode the lads at 365FlicksPodcast have there first official Interview/Chat with an actual published writer of Comic Book Plagued: The Miranda Chronicles... A Comic book we managed to blag a review copy of at Glasgow Film and Comic Con. We reviewed the Book a couple episodes back and now Gary Chudleigh the writer joins us for a crack.

We are also joined by one of his Publishers from independent company BHP Comics, Sha Nazir. To give us a bit more of an insight into how a comic is made from Inception at the writers level to completion at the publishers level and beyond.

This was such a fun interview i feel we learned a lot from these guys and they even made Chris's day by agreeing to do a special Wrestling episode.

We end the episode with a Top3 of our most bad ass Walking Dead moments to date in true 365Fashion...


Previously on and INTRO                                                       00.00 - 02.00

Introduce Gary Chudleigh and News                                       02.00 - 19.50

(Chris has Given Up on Flash)

Introduction to Sha Nazir (BHP) and the Main Feature Chat       19.50 - 1.11.00

"Hurricanes in Space"

Promos for HOBI and Astro Radio Z                                      1.11.00 - 1.12.45

Top3 Bad Ass Walking Dead moments so far                         1.12.45 - 1.34.16

(Kev is Super Pissed at Talking Dead)



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Thank You to Showmasters Film and Comic Con for having us up to Glasgow affording us to meet these great dudes.