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#16 Season 4 Episode 8

Nashville Rewind

Release Date: 12/01/2015

Unguarded Moments is the title of this week's episode.  Maddie gets her hair done (like Juliette) and steals her sisters phone to text.  Rayna works hard as a producer for Markus' album.  Deacon works hard on his new bar.  Will tries to hide that he is working on writing a song.  Avery is working on jingles.  Gunnar is working on Erin. Scarlett is working on her relationship with Dr. Caleb (not very hard). Erin makes a critical mistake at her job.  Markus gives great advice.  Rayna and Deacon decide to offer a contract to the girls on the very shaky Highway 65 label.  Luke works on his relationship with his son, Colt. 



All I want is Us Tonight--Markus

Plenty Far to Fall------ Gunnar & Scarlett

History of my Heart----Avery