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New Mexico birds with Randy Lack

The Hunting Dog Podcast

Release Date: 12/17/2015

I talk with Randy Lack, a life long bird hunter who hails from and hunts New Mexico. We learn about his new TV show, Gun Dog TV and his history of hunting for so long that he cant remember exactly when it was he shot his first bird.  Randy has vast experience with the four quail species from his home state. We talk about favorite guns, birds, bird dogs,and the newest love of his life. English Cocker Spaniels.  According to Randy we will all have one in the next ten years.  Truth be told, after this podcast, Im going to look for one as a gift to my wife (then ask her if I can take it hunting)  enjoy, with a beer and a smoke and let me know how you can beat that on a cold night. and PLEASE  rate and comment on Itunes.. ( In the words of my dear departed father"shit or get off the pot") and a Big thanks to those who have taken the time to help with sending great reviews.  Ron