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Chapter 6 - Let's Talk About Forgiveness | Episode 46 | EPTworks Listen, Love, Give Podcast | Holistic Emotional Therapy | Forgiveness

EPTworks: Listen, Love, Give Podcast

Release Date: 12/20/2015

Chapter 6 - Let's Talk about forgiveness

EPTworks: Listen, Love, Give Podcast

Episode 46


Hi I'm Dr. Annette Cargioli the forgiveness doctor.  I'm here to help you create phenomenal, health happiness and new life with energy, intuition, and forgiveness. Ept is short for emotional polarity technique, an innovative holistic emotional therapy that will change your life for good.  You can subscribe to this podcast and get free EPT training at www.eptworks.com and like us on Facebook.

Way back in 1989, I was transforming my chiropractic practice into a holistic healing practice that included chiropractic care and nutritional advice. I had begun using muscle testing as a tool when consulting with patients. In 1991 when i took NET with Scott Walker, I was ready for more energy work training. I was greatly influenced by his work. By the end of 1995, I had developed a simplified emotional energy correction with magnets and breathing. I had also moved deeply into the realm of the power of forgiveness. My Christian background had taught me how forgiveness works in my soul salvation. However, I was learning how forgiveness is simply the immense power of Christ's love for all who honor it. No matter what your faith, you can see and feel the power of healing in Christ's love. It just is.


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