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Prevenient Grace: A discussion with an Arminian brother

Soteriology 101: Former Calvinistic Professor discusses Doctrines of Salvation

Release Date: 01/05/2016

Professor Flowers and Dan Chapa continue their discussion over the topic of Prevenient Grace and the sufficiency of God's revelation through the gospel. Should we accept the notion that God decreed to punish mankind for the sin of Adam by making it such that all would be born in a totally disabled condition from birth?  Are fallen men born in a condition that they cannot willingly respond to God's own powerful appeals to be reconciled from the fall unless and until God does some extra work of Grace to make mankind capable? Or is the work of the gospel gracious and powerful enough itself to accomplish the purpose for which it was sent..."so that you may believe and by believing you may have life in his name?" (John 20:31). Let's dive in!

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