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How to Create Healthy Money Habits with Jewell Robinson

Moms with Dreams Show

Release Date: 03/02/2016

179: Divorce Can Be An Unexpected Gift w/Jessica Ashley show art 179: Divorce Can Be An Unexpected Gift w/Jessica Ashley

Moms with Dreams Show

Jessica Ashley is the Divorce Coach for Moms and founder and voice of Single Mom Nation. She’s an award-winning writer and certified divorce coach who helps parents thrive through transitions with grace, creativity and laughter. Jessica lives in Chicago and supports her clients while being a mom to a high schooler and a kindergartner During our conversation, Ashley talks about: Realizing that she can be happy without a husband Her divorce became one of the greatest gifts in her life Getting comfortable with herself after divorce Using time when her son was with her dad to find her identity...

178: Guiding Women to Wholeness w/Cherie Burton  show art 178: Guiding Women to Wholeness w/Cherie Burton

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Cherie Burton is a pioneering spiritual psychologist whose evolutionary STAND SPEAK SHINE method transforms women into authentically embodied and empowered feminine leaders. As a mother of six, author, international speaker and host of the Women Seeking Wholeness podcast, Cherie is passionately driven to guide women influencers to heal, express and create, using the “new feminine leadership paradigm”. During our conversation, Cherie talks about: Feeling trapped as a young mom “drowning in diapers” Why she’s passionate about helping moms find their voices and purpose Her technique to...

177: Reset Your Life after Raising Children w/Quionne Matchett show art 177: Reset Your Life after Raising Children w/Quionne Matchett

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Quionne Matchett is a speaker, mentor, and licensed minister. Her passion is to inspire hope and empower women to be restored, walk in wholeness, and pursue their unique purpose. As a Reset Coach, Quionne teaches women to reset their lives by transforming pain into power. During our conversation, Quionne talks about: How her early experience with death shaped her life Learning to process her pain How she discovered her gift of speaking Being vulnerable and sharing your story Challenges moms face when their children “leave the nest” Shifting your perspective about being an empty nester and...

176: Raising A Troubled Teen in Crisis w/Stacy Lee Flury  show art 176: Raising A Troubled Teen in Crisis w/Stacy Lee Flury

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Stacy Lee Flury endured the painful reality of parenting a troubled teen daughter through years of turmoil. In her book, , Stacy recounts how her abiding faith in God gave her victory over the swirl of negative emotions that raged in her heart. Redeeming years of personal loss and struggle, Stacy uses her trials and lessons learned to encourage others in similar situations to find hope and healing. During our conversation, Stacy talks about: Overcoming her feeling of blame and failure as a mom What she discovered about herself while in therapy Her shame, embarrassment and wanting to kill...

175: Find Joy and Purpose after 40 w/Valerie Brown show art 175: Find Joy and Purpose after 40 w/Valerie Brown

Moms with Dreams Show

Valerie Ashford Brown is a powerful coach with a single focus of empowering women over forty to redefine themselves and optimize their possibilities. She helps her clients gain clarity on the what, why and how of their personal and professional lives. Through her coaching and speaking, Valerie empowers maturing women to understand who they are, why they’re here and how to shift into a life of joy and fulfillment in the second half. During our conversation, Valerie talks about: Being ostracized when returning to corporate America after 15 years of being a stay-at-home mom Not knowing her...

174: Stop Second-Guessing Your Dreams w/Erica Blocker show art 174: Stop Second-Guessing Your Dreams w/Erica Blocker

Moms with Dreams Show

In this solo episode, I’m speaking candidly. I urge you to stop second-guessing yourself and doubting your dreams. 2020 has proven to be a year like no other. The untimely death of Kobe Bryant, COVID-19, murder of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and countless others, protests, and civil unrest in the United States and other parts of the world have shaken us to the core. Life as we knew it no longer exists. We’ve been forced to adjust to a new normal that none of us would have ever imagined we’d be living. Now more than ever, it’s time for you to seize the moment – to stop sitting around...

173: How to Master Digital Marketing w/Resa Gooding show art 173: How to Master Digital Marketing w/Resa Gooding

Moms with Dreams Show

Resa Gooding is a marketing automation and CRM expert who specializes in leveraging platforms like HubSpot, InfusionSoft, and Salesforce to help companies generate more leads, improve conversion rates, and close more deals. Resa is the co-founder and Client Services Director of Cacao Media, a HubSpot-certified Platinum Partner Agency with offices in Tel Aviv, New York, and Nairobi. Using CRM and marketing automation processes set up by Resa and her team, startups and traditional companies are able to spend more time closing deals instead of being bogged down by administrative tasks. During our...

172: Own Your Financial Future w/Echo Huang show art 172: Own Your Financial Future w/Echo Huang

Moms with Dreams Show

Echo Huang left China at age twenty with nothing but $800 and the hope of achieving the American Dream. Her courage and dedication fueled her journey through the business world over the next twenty years, gaining experience working in financial planning firms before venturing out on her own. Today, as founder and president of Echo Wealth Management with multiple designations such as CFP®, Certified Public Accountant (CPA) license, and Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) charter, Echo helps the country’s top executives and entrepreneurs take the complexity out of their finances, giving them...

171: Restore Your Relationships w/Robin Breckenridge show art 171: Restore Your Relationships w/Robin Breckenridge

Moms with Dreams Show

Robin Breckenridge is an educator, public speaker, and certified life and relationship coach. Robin's background and experience in behavioral education coupled with her own experiences with challenging relationships, lead her to her true calling- helping people repair and restore their relationship with self and others. Robin works in unison with PIVOT, a proven curriculum-based process created for individuals, couples, and groups who are looking to improve relationships. During our conversation, Robin talks about: How her relationships as an adult were impacted by dysfunction in her...

170: Self-Care Is the Best Care w/Adria Smith  show art 170: Self-Care Is the Best Care w/Adria Smith

Moms with Dreams Show

Adria Smith is the owner of A Natural Touch Body Butters and Scrubs. In addition to being an entrepreneur, Adria is a wife, mother, middle school chorus director, and a licensed minister. She is a firm believer in going hard after your dreams and encouraging others along the way. During our conversation, Adria talks about: Challenges she faced when starting up and how she pushed past them How she differentiates her brand from other skin care products on the market Why she likes operating as a sole proprietor without a team Self-care rituals to help moms balance life, business, motherhood and...

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Jewell Robinson was inspired by her parents to dream big, think big, and do big. She earned a political science degree from the University of Georgia and has over 17 years of service in the United States Marine Corps.

As a Financial Specialist, Jewell’s daily mission is to educate people about the psychological reasons behind unhealthy spending habits and coach them into achieving financial security.

In this episode, Jewell shares strategies to help you make smart money choices and get the most out of your tax refund.

Spenders vs. Savers: 5 Different Money Personality Types

Jewell broke down the most common money personality types and why it’s important to know which one you are and how you developed your personal habits.

Most people fit into one of these categories:

  • Natural spenders – they spend practically all of their money
  • Natural savers – they save practically all of their money
  • Spend first, save later
  • Save first, spend later
  • People who don’t make conscious money decisions – they often find $20 here or there because they left it laying around

How To Change Your Money Habits

The first step is to acknowledge your habits.

The second step is to determine how you developed your money habits. Were they learned during your childhood, based on how your parents treated money?

The third step is to focus and be intentional about changing them.

Jewell’s Suggestions for Getting the Most Out of Your Tax Refund

  1. Contribute to your retirement account.
  2. Start a medical expense fund for costs not covered by your health insurance.
  3. Set money aside for a well-deserved summer vacation.
  4. Set money aside to achieve a specific goal such as buying a home, graduation parties, buying a car, etc.
  5. Donate to your favorite charity.
  6. Pay off credit card debt.
  7. Start a college savings fund for your children or for yourself.
  8. Start a savings account for your children.
  9. Finish an existing home improvement project or start a new one.
  10. Contribute to your church fund, tithes, or missionary work.
  11. Start an investment fund.

Jewell reminds you to not get overwhelmed thinking about doing everything on her list. If you have bills that need to be paid, pay them first. Then make a smart choice about how you will allocate the rest of your tax return.

Start small, but just do something. Even if you have to start by saving $10 or $20 a month, that’s better than nothing.

Jewell Recommends That You Read:

The Retirement Miracle, by Patrick Kelly, a great read to get you into the “retirement mindset”.

Jewell’s Projects

Jewell has a 12- month complimentary program, where she provides financial education, goal-setting, and accountability. She’s currently looking for 50 people who are dedicated and committed to creating healthy financial habits.

When you join her program, you’ll receive:

  • A free consultation
  • Your own personalized financial plan
  • A plan that fits into your current budget and lifestyle
  • Spending and Saving tips to keep you on track
  • Monthly accountability check-ins
  • Access to your personal Financial Specialist for all questions and concerns
  • FREE Financial phone app
  • Personal support to help you accomplish your goals
  • Motivation to make and keep your goals for a complete lifestyle change

Contact Jewell to apply for admission into her program at 619-356-3232.

Where You Can Find Jewell Online

LinkedIn: Jewell Robinson

Instagram: @JRFinance

Twitter: @JewellRobinson9

Jewell’s Parting Words of Wisdom

“Don’t get overwhelmed when it comes to your finances. Take baby steps and you will eventually get there.” ~Jewell Robinson

Get more tips and success strategies at http://momswithdreams.com