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Episode 10: Make The Podcast Great Again (a totally yuuge Presidential primary preview)

The Hunker Downcast

Release Date: 03/04/2016

It’s the history making Episode 10 of Hunkerdowncast.  The Louisiana Presidential Primaries are days away and we’ve invited our buddy Mark (Oyster or sometimes @Erster)  to help us make nonsense of it all.

Segment 1

Was Ben Carson’s campaign a scam?  What signage have you seen around town?  Who is leading in the polls?  We discuss the Republican horse race and possible paths to the nomination for Trump or Not Trump. Trump talked about his penis size during the debate.  This turns out to be a well established campaign tradition, however.

Can Trump even run a third party campaign?  Ross Perot might be a precedent. Also we might be able to do a Ross Perot impersonation.  (Does anyone remember Ross Perot?)  Differing opinions on chances of an actual President Trump. Concurring opinions on political fault lines exposed by Trump.

Trump is the #JustDoStuff candidate. Is he a “tameable Hitler,” though? Varg wants to know why everyone keeps pooping in the potable water.

Segment 2

In media res we jump into a grab bag of current events from the week.

- Porn for Gusman’s inmates. Jeff has questions about a specific post-publication edit to this article.

- Marques Colston was cut this week.  Bacchus still sucks. There’s a Marques Colston song based on Tootsee Roll  @mrclio taught us.

- Susan Guidry wants to make people’s lives slightly less difficult vis-a-vis marijuana possession. Leon Cannizzaro and Newell Normand won’t let her, though.  Meanwhile, watch out for the “weeder maids.”

You know the segment is over when we devolve into USFL memories.

Segment 3

We try to address some Twitter questions. We don’t get far with it.

“Are You Not Entertained” is now “That’s Entertainment” for some reason. Just go with it.  Anyway, Jeff and Varg lost a football game. Mark tells us about the challenges of homework help in foreign languages. This has something to do with po-boys. Alli has a bunch of restaurant reviews. (Commander’s jazz brunch, Cane and Table, NOLA Brewery Tap Room, and Kenton’s) Varg was in a fashion show at Rock N Bowl. Also some drama happened with an ex-truck of his.

Recipe Minute: Alli entered a mole style chili into a competition.  It was a good recipe but did not win.

Finally, as always, the Jivewire sponsored by Magnolia Builders.

Have fun voting against your least favorite candidate this weekend. Thanks to Mark for sitting in with us. Thanks, again to everyone for listening.