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38: Taking Care of your Sexual Health with Dr. David McKenzie

Fit + Vibrant You

Release Date: 03/23/2016

Dr. David McKenzie recently spoke at the Chilliwack Women’s Health Summit, and event I organized to support our local Starfish Backpack Program.  He spoke for 20 minutes, and left everyone wanting more.

So, I've invited Dr. McKenzie onto the podcast.

My goal for the Fit and Vibrant You podcast is to give your the resources, tool, motivation and inspiration to live a fit, vibrant life.  And in order to thrive and be our best selves, we need sex, connection, love and physical pleasure.   When we are nourished through meaningful relationships, pleasure, passion and purpose, we can have a more relaxed relationship with food and body. 

In this podcast, we talk all about sex:

  • What problems can arise in your sex life
  • Body image, body shame and sexual health
  • What's a 'normal' number of times to have sex a life
  • Very specific things you can do today to improve your experience in the bedroom (or kitchen, living room.... ;)

About my guest, Dr. David McKenzie
David attended university in Winnipeg and Toronto where he earned his Master’s degree in divinity and pastoral psychology at Wycliffe College, University of Toronto. He was ordained an Anglican Priest in 1974 and served in that capacity for twenty-three years as a church pastor and seven additional years as a federal penitentiary chaplain.

In 2002 David retired from church leadership and pursued his doctoral degree at the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality in San Francisco where he was awarded his Ph.D. in 2005 in the discipline of human sexuality. That same year he founded Dr. McKenzie & Associates, which has become a thriving practice with, at its zenith, four Associates in two offices serving the needs of individuals and couples in Vancouver and the Fraser Valley.