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#20 Season 4 Episode 12

Nashville Rewind

Release Date: 03/29/2016

We discuss " How does it Feel To Be Free".  We did not enjoy this episode (although this podcast is exceptional).  We get introduced to Vita, an ex-felon that can sing.  Avery and Layla pair up for business.  Luke is lonely but meets an old friend and invites him to go on tour.  Maddie gives Colt a piece of her mind after a collaboration with Cash.  Gunnar breaks up with Erin.  Scarlet is there for support.  Will has a run-in with a big Redneck that can throw a bottle and still be let back into the same club.  Avery finally can come clean about Juliette.  PLEASE HAYDEN--SAVE THIS SHOW!!



Down The Line---Vita


Swept Away--Maddie & Cash


Aint It Beautiful--- Will