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#24 Season 4 Episode 16

Nashville Rewind

Release Date: 04/26/2016

We discuss Didn't expect It To Go Down This Way. Luke needs a replacement for Riff on tour. Deacon and Rayna change their view of Cash.  Maddie is missing.  Juliette tries to get back in the swing of things and learns Avery is going on tour with Layla.  Layla learns she has to share her manager.  Will is interested in a new guy.  Autumn gives Gunnar a private opportunity.  Scarlett gets to know Autumn.  Juliette gets a new tour.  Maddie wants out of the family.  Our take on renewal for Season 5.



Moving On Never Felt So Good  -  Will Lexington

Die A Happy Man - Thomas Rhett

Cant Say No To Love - Luke Wheeler