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How to Get a Cabin Upgrade - Cruise Tip 101

Essential Cruise Tips

Release Date: 05/27/2016


In episode 101 of 60-Second Cruise Tips, cruise expert and author Gary Bembridge shares another cruising tip.

This one he talks about the nine tips that an article by CruiseFever.net suggested you use to get a cabin upgrade on a cruise.

The tips are:

  1. Choose the slow season for better chances of an upgrade.
  2. Book through a travel agent.
  3. Get a more expensive cabin in the first place.
  4. Hope for the chain reaction effect.
  5. Mention your special occasion for cruising.
  6. Wait until the second day of the cruise before asking.
  7. Choose your ship wisely.
  8. Go cruising more often on same line.
  9. Go for the TBA (To be Assigned) booking.

Find out more and to review the original article visit http://cruisefever.net/how-to-get-cabin-upgrades-on-a-cruise-ship/

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