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NIACW 156 On Her Majesty's Secret Service

Not In a Creepy Way

Release Date: 06/12/2016

NIACW 397 Wolfwalkers show art NIACW 397 Wolfwalkers

Not In a Creepy Way

Brothers J and Drew tackle the animated Irish/Luxembourger co-production Wolfwalkers. It is beautiful and dark and made Drew’s kids say “nope, not for me.”

NIACW 300 show art NIACW 300

Not In a Creepy Way

Recorded in April 2019, Eric intended to edit this and release it “soonish.” Fast forward nearly 2 years and here it is, a blast from the past.

NIACW 396 Jupiter Ascending show art NIACW 396 Jupiter Ascending

Not In a Creepy Way

Brothers J and Drew watched the Wachowskis’ Jupiter Ascending so you don’t have to. Thank them. #jupiterascending #Wachowskisisters #Wachowskis

NIACW 395 Thor The Dark World show art NIACW 395 Thor The Dark World

Not In a Creepy Way

Oh boy. Drew assures us that there’s a great Thor movie ahead but this is not that.

NIACW 394 Sound of Metal show art NIACW 394 Sound of Metal

Not In a Creepy Way

We’re not crying, YOU are crying! Brothers Drew and Eric discuss Sound of Metal, a film that better get some Oscar nominations. Along the way they discuss feelings, metal vs punk, Celebrity Rehab, and more feelings. #soundofmetal #rizahmed

NIACW 393 American Assassin show art NIACW 393 American Assassin

Not In a Creepy Way

Want to watch a completely pleasant but not groundbreaking action movie? Brothers J and Eric advise that you could do worse than American Assassin, based on novels by Vince Flynn

NIACW 392 Iron Man 3 show art NIACW 392 Iron Man 3

Not In a Creepy Way

It’s Christmas in the Marvel Universe and that means one thing: Shane Black directs Iron Man 3. It’s not the best MCU movie but it’s worth talking about!

NIACW 391 The Last Days on Mars show art NIACW 391 The Last Days on Mars

Not In a Creepy Way

Brothers J and Drew discuss sci-fi film “The Last Days on Mars.” Brother J didn’t realize what flavor of sci-fi movie it was but enjoyed it nonetheless.

NIACW 390 Dirty Harry show art NIACW 390 Dirty Harry

Not In a Creepy Way

Brothers Drew and Eric talk about the 1971 iconic film Dirty Harry. Along the way they talk about Hellraiser, the Chowchilla kidnapping, Anthony Hopkins’s Odin, conveyor belts, 21 Bridges, and the French Connection. #DirtyHarry

NIACW 389 Wonder Woman 1984 show art NIACW 389 Wonder Woman 1984

Not In a Creepy Way

The brothers start off 2021 with less than a bang: Wonder Woman 1984. It had so much potential yet fell so short.

More Episodes

With a new Bond, a crazy amount of reference to the old Bond, no spy gadgets to speak of, and a whiplash-inducing tone shift at the end On Her Majesty’s Secret Service is worthy of much discussion.

The podcast itself starts with an extended cold open. For those of you too impatient to listen to cold open shenanigans but who also read the show notes before listening, Bond talk begins just after minute 5.

Besides Bond, the Brothers reference the following:

We Got This, a Maximum Fun podcast,

Sean Connery on the Tonight Show 1983,

The Good Wife,


British or Gay ?,

Piz Gloria,

Who Loves Ya Baby 1975,

Frau Blücher,

The Last Policeman by Ben H. Winters,

Sean Connery on Slapping Women,

The Sad Story of Bond Girl Angela Scoular,

All Time Box Office Records,

the book Atomic Accidents,

tickling the dragon's tail,

World War Z audiobook,

The Glorious Cause, Lost At Sea: The Jon Ronson Mysteries,

Insane Clown Posse and Evangelical Christianity ,

and Gay Dinosaur Erotica

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