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Fullness: Running on Full - Sunday, July 24, 2016 - Pastor Steve Brown

Faith and Life Podcast

Release Date: 08/01/2016

Since we have been raised to a new life in Jesus, we are truly running on full and have our minds set on living a life that is pleasing to Christ. When we are running filled up with Jesus, we live lives that may seem peculiar and yet attractive to others. We know that we are running on full when …
  • We put to death what violates God’s values (3:5-9)
  • We put on the character traits and behaviors that reflect God’s heart (3:12-17)
  • We behave like Jesus in our relationships with others. (3:18 – 4:5)
After hearing this sermon we hope you will answer this question for yourself: “Based on what I live out in my life, am I running on full or empty?” If running on full, pick one of the 33 Christ-like character traits, behaviors and disciplines (one for each year that Jesus lived) listed in the lesson from Colossians to grow in your life. Ask God, the Holy Spirit, to help you understand how this can grow. If running on empty, ask God to help you understand why this is so and what is needed for you to be filled with Jesus. If you are ready, put yourself in the place to be filled with Christ.