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12 Angry Men (Episode 34) - Hot Date with Dan and Vicky

Hot Date

Release Date: 08/12/2016

Star Henry Fonda was looking for a movie project that would give him the rush of a stage performance.  He found it in 12 Angry Men.  A TV version was broadcast on CBS in 1954 and the Reginald Rose penned teleplay would provide juicy film roles for Fonda and a stable of seasoned New York theatre actors.  Unfortunately Rose and Fonda couldn't get any studio interested in a feature property most felt audiences wouldn't pay for after being broadcast free nationwide.  It's one room location and talky screenplay probably didn't help either.  Rose and Fonda eventually founded production company Orion-Nova and made the film themselves and brought on TV veteran Sidney Lumet to direct his first feature.  Although a box office failure, the film was nominated for three Academy Awards and is now considered a masterpiece.  Fonda, however, would never produce another film and shuttered Orion- Nova soon after.    

In addition to giving the classic film lots of love and discussing their own jury duty experiences, Dan and Vicky catch us up on their recently seen.  Vicky got her politics on with The Democratic National Convention, caught 1980's Maniac, enjoyed Picnic at Hanging Rock, and loved Lumet's later Dog Day Afternoon, among others.  Dan's finds were the 1966 paranoia thriller Seconds with Rock Hudson and the great ESPN doc OJ: Made in America and he re-evaluates his initial love for Pet Sematary I and II. 

There's also great 1957 music from Elvis and The Diamonds and some exciting personal news for Vicky.  And Dan tries -- hilariously -- to speak German!

The verdict is in!  Hot Date 34 makes a case for greatness.  Take a moment to leave us feedback or a rating.